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Yuto Nomura extends championship lead with another win at Suzuka


Yuto Nomura converted his second pole of the year to a second win to add to his success in Japanese F4’s first Suzuka round of the season. Asian Motorsport reviews the action.

By Marco Albertini

Another lights-to-flag win for Yuto Nomura

Nomura took pole ahead of HELM Motorsports’s Tosei Moriyama and HFDP’s Ryota Horachi. In the independent cup for older drivers, “Dragon” (Ryuji Kumita) took pole ahead of Nobuhiro Imada and “Ken Alex”.

Tosei Moriyama had a very good start, but it wasn’t enough to overtake Nomura who defended well and never looked back.

As soon as the field reached lap two a lot of fierce battles started. Kento Omiya attempted to overtake Kazuhisa Urabe at the chicane but the attack failed and was briefly passed by Kenta Kumagai, before the latter went wide in turn one and lost the position.

Urabe tried to take advantage of this, but a lock up at the chicane gave Omiya a chance to overtake but the TGR-DC driver successfully defended to keep the position.

A few positions ahead, Rintaro Sato locked up at the chicane and Kotaro Shimbara managed to get alongside the PONOS Racing driver on the main straight and pass him around the outside of turns one and two.

Kento Omiya meanwhile put on an unusual overtake on Kazuhisa Urabe on the inside of turns one and two.

In the independent class, “Ken Alex” who started third, spun in thru first two corners, losing a few positions.

Rintaro Sato was still defending, this time from TGR-DC’s Kiyoshi Umegaki, which saw the TGR-DC driver run wide in the first two corners trying to overtake Sato.

At the front, Horachi was trying to overtake Moriyama, firstly trying around the outside of the first two corners and later attempting a move at the chicane but backed out before the apex.

Towards the end of the race, Sato attempted to overtake TGR-DC’s Yuki Sano but that allowed Hironobu Shimizu to overtake both of them, including an overtake on the outside of Sano in the first two corners to take P5. Sato was also overtaken by Umegaki and later in the lap, his teammate Kento Omiya.

In the end, Yuto Nomura won ahead of Tosei Moriyama, Ryota Horachi, Kotaro Shimbara and Hironobu Shimizu.

The independent cup saw “Dragon” win ahead of Nobuhiro Imada, Isao Nakashima, Masayuki Ueda and Makio Saito.

Header photo credit: Chunichi Sports



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