In a scorching battle under the Qatari sun, Japanese driver Yuki Tsunoda faced the heat and challenges head-on at the Qatar Grand Prix. Driving for Alpha Tauri, Tsunoda showcased his resilience despite finishing 15th in the demanding race.

“Tough and hotter than Singapore, it was definitely a challenging race today,” Tsunoda admitted. “My start was good and smooth; I made up places and was in the points. It felt okay inside the car, and the balance was good, but we were just too slow and couldn’t keep up the pace.”

The constraints of the race, particularly the maximum number of laps allowed on each tire set (18), posed a significant challenge. Tsunoda’s initial aggressive start on the soft compound tire aimed to gain positions, but despite his efforts, he couldn’t maintain the momentum. Even a switch to the medium compound later in the race couldn’t bridge the gap to the cars ahead.

Reflecting on the race, Tsunoda remained optimistic about the future, stating, “It’s not easy to find a quick solution, but I’m confident that together with the team, we’ll look through the data and see how we can improve for the future.”

Tsunoda also took a moment to express his gratitude to his teammate, Liam, who might not be driving for the team in Austin. “I want to say thank you to him because he did a very good job,” Tsunoda remarked warmly. “I enjoyed the time together as good friends and teammates.”

Guillaume Dezoteux, the Head of Vehicle Performance at Alpha Tauri, provided insights into the team’s challenges during the race. “Since Singapore, we have been on a positive trend with our car performance, both in qualifying and the race, but here in Doha, we didn’t manage to achieve the same,” Dezoteux explained. “We need to analyze the balance evolution and tire status because we couldn’t match our direct competitors today.”

Despite the hurdles faced in Qatar, Yuki Tsunoda and the Alpha Tauri team remain determined to learn from the experience, fine-tune their strategies, and come back stronger in future races. Stay tuned for more updates on Tsunoda’s journey as he continues to make his mark on the international racing scene.


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