The second official practice session for the GT4 and GTC classes took place on a warm, sunny, yet windy afternoon, starting promptly at 2:40 PM local time. Five different makes featured in the top five, highlighting the competitiveness of the categories.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

The session ran for 55 minutes, allowing drivers to fine-tune their setups and strategies in preparation for the upcoming qualifying sessions. The track conditions were ideal for a competitive run, although the windy weather added an extra challenge for the drivers.

GT4 / GTC practice highlights

Pitsanu S. (THA) and Kantadhee K. (THA) in the Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 set the pace, completing 21 laps with a best time of 01:41.668. The Toyota GR Supra GT4 driven by Nanin I. (THA) and Kazuhisa U. (JPN) closely followed, clocking a best lap of 1:43.148 over 15 laps.

The Australian-Malaysian pairing of Peter H. (AUS) and Hayden H. (MAS) in the Mercedes-Benz AMG GT4 finished in third with a 01:43.286 lap. In fourth was Graeme John D. (SIN) and Ananthor (MAS) in their Aston Martin Vantage GT4, setting a time of 01:43.743.

The GTC category was led by Siramedt Thungsuteeranonkul (THA) in the Ford RR Daytona GT, setting the fastest lap in his class with a time of 1:43.906.

With just six minutes remaining in the session, the Mustang #35, driven by Cem Yudulmaz (TUR), car spun at Turn 18 after being tapped in the rear by the Cobra driven by Thungsuteeranonkul (THA). The incident led to a red flag being issued, stopping the session with three minutes left on the clock. Due to the limited time remaining, the session was not resumed.

With a mix of drivers from different categories among the session’s top performers, the GT4 and GTC classes have demonstrated strong international appeal.

GT4 / GTC Practice 2 results

  1. Pitsanu S. (THA) / Kantadhee K. (THA) – Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 21 laps, best time 1:41.668
  2. Nanin I. (THA) / Kazuhisa U. (JPN) – Toyota GR Supra GT4 – 15 laps, best time 1:43.148
  3. Peter H. (AUS) / Hayden H. (MAS) – Mercedes Benz AMG GT4 – 23 laps, best time 1:43.286
  4. Graeme John D. (SIN) / Ananthor (MAS) – Aston Martin Vantage GT4 – 24 laps, best time 1:43.743
  5. Siramedt Thungsuteeranonkul (THA) – Ford RR Daytona GT – 15 laps, best time 1:43.906
  6. Sathapond V. (THA) / Iaro R. (THA) – Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 24 laps, best time 1:46.244
  7. Prakhun P. (THA) / Warren A. (THA) – Toyota GR Supra GT4 – 22 laps, best time 1:46.352
  8. Suttipong S. (THA) / Grant S. (THA) – Toyota GR Supra GT4 – 21 laps, best time 1:47.397
  9. Manat Kulapalanont (THA) – Toyota Supra 8AR – 15 laps, best time 1:47.517
  10. Andrew A. (THA) / Kachorn C. (THA) – Toyota GR Supra GT4 – 21 laps, best time 1:47.891
  11. Henk K. (THA) / Erwin de S. (THA) – Ford Mustang TA2 6.2L – 20 laps, best time 1:48.004
  12. Damien Hamilton (THA) – Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 – 18 laps, best time 1:49.546
  13. Cem Yudulmaz (TUR) – Ford Mustang – 19 laps, best time 1:50.774
  14. Akkarapong Akkaneenirot (THA) – Toyota Supra 3S – 14 laps, best time 1:53.397
  15. Manuel Rafael Caceres (PHI) – Nissan GTR R35 – 17 laps, best time 1:57.212
  16. Manasseh Manuel Caceres (PHI) – Lamborghini Gallardo – 8 laps, best time 1:57.212
  17. Prutirat R. (THA) – Mercedes Benz AMG GT1 – 8 laps, best time 2:05.241

The next session for the GT4 and GTC categories is the individual qualifying sessions, scheduled to start at 10:55 AM tomorrow. Drivers and teams will be aiming to secure the best possible grid positions for the upcoming races.

Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for more updates and detailed coverage of the qualifying sessions and race events. The competition is heating up, and the anticipation is building for an exciting race weekend ahead.

Header photo credit: Mac


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