The qualifying sessions for the TH Super Pickup D1 (Class A-B) took place this morning under cooler and windier conditions compared to yesterday’s practice sessions. The overnight rain left some damp patches on the track, adding an extra challenge for the drivers.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

Limjirapinya tops Class B qualifying

The Class B qualifying session began at 8:40 AM, with a 15-minute window for drivers to set their best times. Suwat Limjirapinya quickly established himself as the early pace setter in his #59 Isuzu All New for the Suphan Explorer Liqui Moly Racing Team.

However, the session was not without drama. Supakorn Jodtang’s Amone D2 เนี๊ยบรีแมพ อาร์ทการยางเอกรถบ้านมือสอง #4 Isuzu All New D-Max was black-flagged and forced to return to the pits early due to mechanical issues, dashing his hopes of setting a competitive lap time. Jodtang is also under investigation for speeding in the pit lane.

This wasn’t the only incident, as Danuwat Worakitichai’s Zic Tune by AOT PHC Nitto BRC Team #45 Isuzu D-Max crashed heavily at Turn 18, bringing out the red flag with just under seven minutes remaining. The crash was likely exacerbated by the damp conditions at that section of the circuit.

Worakitichai’s crash at Turn 18 brought out the red flag | Credit: Thailand Super Series

Jaturon Eamrod was on a lap that could have potentially secured the top spot on the leaderboard. He posted the fastest time in Sector 1, but was interrupted by the red flag while in the final sector, leaving him in second place.

The rain intensified during the red flag stoppage, leading to the announcement that the Class B session would not resume.

Nunthaporn Namjuck, driving the #46 Mitsubishi Triton for TT Motorsports Donut Racing, had his Lap 3 time cancelled due to excessive black smoke.

TH Super Pickup Class B qualifying results

  1. Suwat Limjirapinya (Isuzu All new) – 1:57.927
  2. Jaturon Eamrod (Isuzu All new) – 1:58.958 (+1.031)
  3. Natthawut Phuengphrom (Isuzu All New D-Max) – 1:59.490 (+1.563)
  4. Ekasit Namsaengpa (Isuzu D-Max) – 1:59.845 (+1.918)
  5. Alongkorn Saetung (Isuzu All new) – 2:02.459 (+4.532)
  6. Surachai Phengphong (Isuzu All new) – 2:04.923 (+6.996)
  7. Andrew Cronin (Isuzu All New) – 2:05.190 (+7.263)
  8. Anuwat Manian (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:05.627 (+7.700)
  9. Samon Mapakhe (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:06.642 (+8.715)
  10. Chayapon Chantakit (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:06.819 (+8.892)
  11. Chanon Rotjana (Ford Ranger) – 2:09.033 (+11.106)
  12. Nuthaporn Namjuck (Mitsubishi Triton) – 2:09.301 (+11.374)
  13. Chalermpon Phonlookin (Isuzu All New) – 2:09.555 (+11.628)
  14. Danawat Worakitchai (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:10.527 (+12.600)
  15. Supakorn Jodtang (Isuzu All New D-Max) – 2:13.184 (+15.257)
  16. Kiattisak Choojorn (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:13.319 (+15.392)

Chucharoenpon leads the way in Class A

The Class A session began shortly after the Class B session, under increasingly challenging conditions. The track was very damp with the rain getting heavier, causing spray to form behind the trucks. Some sections of the track, such as Turns 5, 6, and 7, remained dry, making it difficult for drivers to adapt to the mixed conditions.

Suphachai Khongman set the pace early on in his Mobil1 Racing Team รวมช่างเชี ยงกง #7 Isuzu All New with a 2:06.708. This was closely followed by Sandy Stuvik in his Aurora Ford Thailand Racing #3 Ford Ranger, who posted a 2:06.777, going purple in the first two sectors.

Khongman responded with a faster 2:02.569, only for Chucharoenpon to better both drivers with an identical time of 2:02.569 in his #15 Isuzu All New. Sandy improved his time to 2:03.511, but it was not enough to challenge the top spot.

Thanaphon Chucharoenpon continued to improve on his next lap, but a red flag was brought out with just under 7 minutes remaining as Stuvik crashed in Sector 1. After the track was cleared, the Class A session resumed with over six minutes remaining. The rain had stopped, and drivers were looking to improve their times.

#23 Isuzu D-Max driver Chinnawut Laochinchart jumped up to second in on his first flying lap after the restart, whilst fellow D-Max driver Paitoon Thammasirikul moved up to third.

The improved track conditions allowed for significant improvements, with Chucharoenpon dropping his lap times to 1:58.352, then 1:54.622, and finally 1:54.421.

Nutthanuch Wongsomboon moved to third in his #93 Isuzu All New, setting a purple middle sector with just two minutes remaining. Australian Jaylyn Robotham jumped up to eighth on his final lap in his #21 Ford Ranger for Ford-Cre-Supavut Racing.

After setting the early pace, Sandy Stuvik ended up 12th due to not being allowed to resume his session for causing the earlier red flag.

TH Super Pickup Class A qualifying results

  1. Thanaphon Chucharoenpon (Isuzu All new) – 1:54.421
  2. Nutthanuch Wongsomboon (Isuzu All New) – 1:56.471 (+2.050)
  3. Suphachai Khongman (Isuzu All new) – 1:56.855 (+2.434)
  4. Jack Lemvard (Ford Ranger) – 1:57.665 (+3.244)
  5. Chinnawut Laochinchart (Isuzu D-Max) – 1:58.594 (+4.173)
  6. Nanthawat Chamnan (Isuzu All new) – 1:58.777 (+4.356)
  7. Akasit Kriengkomol (Isuzu All new) – 1:58.887 (+4.466)
  8. Jaylyn Robotham (Ford Ranger) – 1:59.883 (+5.462)
  9. Paitoon Thammasirikul (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:00.341 (+5.920)
  10. Akealuck Narkkerd (Mitsubishi Triton) – 2:02.343 (+7.920)
  11. Songsak Kornsiriuepsakun (Toyota Hilux Champ) – 2:02.516 (+8.095)
  12. Sandy Stuvik (Ford Ranger) – 2:03.511 (+9.090)
  13. Khemaruch Khonpudsa (Mitsubishi Triton) – 2:03.761 (+9.340)
  14. Chayapon Yotha (Mitsubishi Triton) – 2:04.220 (+9.541)
  15. Jaras Jaengkamolkulchai (Isuzu All New) – 2:04.346 (+9.925)
  16. Taiyo Ida (Kundai Ida) (Isuzu All New) – 2:05.962 (+11.541)
  17. Chase Chakris Parks (Ford Ranger) – 2:06.439 (+12.018)
  18. Tanawat Suwannarat (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:10.558 (+16.137)
  19. Pheerawat Pajeeyachart (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:13.368 (+18.947)
  20. Waris Onrayab (Isuzu D-Max) – 2:14.079 (+19.658)
  21. Takashi Hata (Isuzu All new) – 2:17.319 (+22.898)

TH Super Pickup D1 (Class A-B) qualifying gallery

Gallery image credits: Nida Anis

Asian Motorsport will continue to provide comprehensive coverage and updates as the Bangsaen Grand Prix weekend progresses. Stay tuned for the latest results and insights.

Header photo credit: Mac


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