The second official practice session for the GT3 / GTM categories at the Bangsaen Grand Prix took place under warm and sunny conditions, setting the stage for an intense round of preparation.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

Early in the session, Car 12, driven by Piti B. and Kantask K., led the field with a solid pace. However, Sandy S. and Deng Yi in Car 37 were hot on their heels, trailing by less than a tenth of a second.

Car 27, driven by Lin H. and Audi factory driver Christopher Haase, encountered significant issues. Early on, the car had a major moment, colliding with the left rear against the barrier. This forced an immediate pit stop for inspection. Unfortunately, their troubles didn’t end there, as the car faced further issues around the halfway point of the session.

Douglas K., piloting Car 14, had a brush with the barriers at Turn 16 but managed to continue without significant delays. Meanwhile, Christopher Haase made an improvement with 12 minutes remaining, clocking a 1:34.966 lap time. This was quickly countered by Sandy S., who set an impressive 1:34.305, maintaining the competitive edge.

The pit lane, located next to Bangsaen’s picturesque beach, was busy with engineers and mechanics alike | Credit: Nida Anis

As the session drew to a close, Carlo van Dam for Singha Motorsport made a remarkable leap. With 6 minutes left, Carlo set three personal best sectors, clocking a 1:34.606, moving him up to second place. However, Christopher Haase responded swiftly, pushing Carlo down to third.

In the final minutes, Carlo van Dam delivered an outstanding performance. On his next lap, he set three personal best sectors, including a purple middle sector, finishing with a lap time of 1:34.181. This put him just a tenth ahead of the competition with three minutes remaining. Despite the efforts from the field, no one could surpass his time, leaving the top four cars separated by less than eight-tenths of a second.

The practice session concluded with the following top results:

  1. Car 89: Voravud B. (THA) / Carlo van D. (NED) – 1:34.181
  2. Car 37: Sandy S. (THA) / Deng Yi (CHN) – 1:34.305 (+0.124)
  3. Car 27: Lin H. (CHN) / Christopher H. (GER) – 1:34.420 (+0.239)
  4. Car 62: Xuanyu L. (CHN) / Wenlong L. (MAS) – 1:34.891 (+0.710)
  5. Car 12: Piti B. (THA) / Kantask K. (THA) – 1:35.286 (+1.105)
  6. Car 91: Chun Hua C. (TPE) / Max H. (GER) – 1:36.263 (+2.082)
  7. Car 6: Henk K. (THA) / Adisak T. (THA) – 1:37.497 (+3.316)
  8. Car 25: Kittipol P. (THA) / Supakit J. (THA) – 1:38.654 (+4.473)
  9. Car 29: Nattachak H. (THA) / Kmik K. (THA) – 1:39.105 (+4.924)
  10. Car 77: Saravut S. (THA) / Afiq Y. (MAS) – 1:39.294 (+5.113)
  11. Car 10: Simon Chan (HKG) – 1:41.532 (+7.351)
  12. Car 11: Kris V. (THA) / Nattapong H. (THA) – 1:43.035 (+8.854)
  13. Car 14: Nattavude C. (THA) – 1:43.477 (+9.296)
  14. Car 65: Douglas K. (MAS) – 1:43.477 (+9.296)
  15. Car 8: Craig C. (THA) / Jaylyn R. (AUS) – 1:44.466 (+10.285)

This practice session has set the stage for an exciting race, with competitors showcasing their readiness and skill. For more detailed coverage and updates, stay tuned to Asian Motorsport.

Header photo credit: Mac


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