Join the grand celebration in Luzhniki, which will unite tens of thousands of motorsport and travel fans!

By Thomas Pfister

In 2024, the International Silk Way Rally celebrates its 15th anniversary! Since its first start in 2009, rally competitors have successfully completed the route along almost all of Eurasia, from St. Petersburg to ancient Xi’an in China. In celebration of this momentous occasion, the Luzhniki Olympic Complex will host a grand sports festival, the Silk Way Sport Fest, organized by the Moscow City Sports Department.

Guests at the event in Luzhniki will have the opportunity to learn about the Silk Way Rally history and enjoy demonstration performances by freestyle motocross and virtuoso quad control masters. The most active festival participants will have the opportunity to test their skills in the Grand Tour category, one of the newest additions to the Silk Way Rally. They will be joined by regular competitors in this category, including Peter Kupriyanov, Alexey Anishchenko, and Peter Nosatenko.

In the exhibition area, attendees will have the opportunity to examine in detail the cars of the participating sports teams. The exhibition area will showcase a diverse range of vehicles taking part in the rally, including impressive T1 prototypes and multi-ton sports trucks, agile side-by-side vehicles, motorcycles, and quads.

The festival concludes with the competitors’ ceremonial ride across the podium. The spectators will be greeted by Ilya Shcheglov, who secured two victories in the 2023 Silk Way Series: he won the first-ever Silk Way Snow Journey International Snowmobile Rally-Raid and became the best motorcyclist in the Silk Way Rally. He will be accompanied by riders Alexey Zverev and Mikhail Orlov, both of whom represent the RM Sport project of Russkaya Mekhanica (Russian Mechanics) — the snowmobile and side-by-side vehicle manufacturer.

Also on the podium will be G-Drive Racing stars Anastasia Nifontova and Roman Rusinov will also mount the podium, as well as Mikhail Shklyaev, Head of the GAZ Raid Sport Truck Department with drivers in Gazelles, Boris Gadasin, the Head of G-Force Motorsport, and the crews of Andrey Novikov and Andrey Rudskoy. Furthermore, Vladislav Nezvankin, the Lada Sport LLC General Director, will present the updated crews of Dmitry Voronov and Mikhail Mityaev.

Additionally, the audience will be welcomed by four-time Silk Way Rally winner Dmitry Sotnikov, his KAMAZ-master teammate Bogdan Karimov and rally veteran Sergey Shalygin. Two Podmoskovye Team crews will also take the podium, including Anton Melnikov, the reigning Silk Way Rally winner in the T2 category.

The entertainment program will conclude with a vibrant performance by the Mojito group and a set by the event’s headliner Mot. The festival will leave attendees with a positive, energized mood and a reminder that there is less than a month until the start of the much-anticipated summer event — the Ceremonial Start of the 14th edition of the International Silk Way Rally will take place in Tomsk on July 5. The crews will cover more than five thousand kilometers of the most challenging and exciting routes of the Eurasian continent in a competitive effort to reach the finish line in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia, the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky.

Photo credits: Silk Way Rally


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