In an exhilarating GT3 race at the Bangsaen Grand Prix, the cooler weather conditions compared to previous sessions set the stage for an intense 60-minute showdown. The race, which commenced at 16:30, was delayed slightly due to barrier repairs from the preceding event.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

Car 37, driven by Sandy S. from Thailand and Yi Deng from China, got off to a flying start, quickly establishing a 3.7-second lead by the second lap. However, Car 12, driven by Piti B. and Kantasak K. from Thailand, struggled initially, losing two positions in the opening corners. They managed to recover some ground by passing Car 25 on lap 2.

A significant crash involving Car 91 at Turn 17 on the second lap brought out the safety car on lap 4. The safety car stayed out until the end of lap 6, allowing the marshals to clear the wreckage and repair the barriers.

Following the restart, Cars 37 and 62 made strong comebacks, with Car 62 driven by Wenlong Lu (CHN) aggressively chasing the leader, Car 37. There was a thrilling battle among Cars 12, 27, and 25 before Car 12 managed to pull away.

The pit window opened, and Cars 62, 89, 27, and 25 were quick to dive in for their compulsory stops. Car 89 saw a driver change to Carlo Van Dam. Meanwhile, Cars 37, 12, and 65 opted to stay out longer. Car 37 finally pitted, handing over the lead temporarily but managed to rejoin with a 12-second lead over Car 89 after all the pit stops were completed.

Car 37 dominated the entire race, maintaining a significant lead despite the intense battles unfolding behind. As Car 89 began closing in, reducing the gap to 9 seconds, Car 37 remained steady, effectively managing its tire temperatures and pace.

Despite the domination by Car 37, the battle for positions from second to fifth was incredibly close. The battle intensified among Cars 62, 27, and 12. Car 27 set multiple fastest laps and closed in on Car 12.

In the final 15 minutes, the gap between Cars 89 in second and 12 in third shrank to just 2.5 seconds, setting the stage for a thrilling conclusion. Traffic played a crucial role, as Car 65 inadvertently helped Car 12 close the gap to Car 89.

With just 8 minutes remaining, Car 12 was only 0.7 seconds behind Car 89. Despite setting personal bests, Car 89 couldn’t shake off the relentless pursuit of Car 12. The top five cars were covered by a mere 4 seconds, promising a nail-biting finish.

On the final lap, Car 89 set personal bests in the first and second sectors, managing to extend its advantage over Car 12 by about a second. Car 37, maintaining a steady lead, lapped Car 25 on the penultimate lap. As the checkered flag fell, Car 37 clinched victory, finishing 12.640 seconds ahead of Car 89. Car 12 secured third, 13.402 seconds behind the leader.

Race Results:

PositionDriver(s)Car NumberClassGAPBest LapVehicle
1Sandy S. (THA) / Yi Deng (CHN)37GT3 Pro— 34 laps1:33.957Audi R8 GT3 EVO II
2Voravud B. (THA) / Carlo V. (NED)89GT3 Pro12.6401:34.383Honda NSX GT3 2021
3Piti B. (THA) / Kantasak K. (THA)12GT3 Pro13.4021:34.178Honda NSX GT3
4Hao Lin (CHN) / Christopher H. (GER)27GT3 Pro14.1431:33.695Audi R8 GT3 EVO II
5Wenlong Lu (CHN)62GT3 Pro14.6651:33.784Audi R8 GT3 EVO II
6Henk K. (THA) / Adisak T. (THA)25GT3 Am— 33 laps1:38.154Audi R8 GT3 EVO II
7Douglas K. (MAS)65GT3 Am1:11.9291:41.327Mercedes Benz AMG GT3
8Chun Hua C. (TPE) / Max H. (GER)91GT3 Pro— 1 lapBMW M4 GT3 (Did Not Finish)

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Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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