Red Bull junior Arvid Lindblad showcased his prowess in wet and dry conditions to secure victories in both Formula 4 races at Macau today. Asian Motorsport examines how the British driver underlined his talent on the challenging Guia Circuit.

Challenging conditions in the qualification race

The day started with the Formula 4 qualification race, where Lindblad’s performance earned him pole position for the main event later in the day. However, it wasn’t an easy path to victory.

In the qualification race, heavy rain and strong winds battered Macau, leading to a delayed start and two laps behind the safety car. Pinnacle Motorsport’s Kaishun Liu’s early spin into the barriers extended the safety car period. Lindblad managed to pull away after the restart, leading the field in treacherous conditions.

R-ace GP’s Hadrien David and Pinnacle’s Kai Daryanani faced difficulties later on in the qualification race, with Daryanani crashing out. Lindblad’s lead was significant before another safety car intervention. Ultimately, Lindblad took the checkered flag, securing pole position for the main race.

Claiming victory in a dry main race

In the main F4 race, the track had dried up after the morning’s rain, although some patches of dust remained. Lindblad, starting from pole, faced intense competition from his Theodore Racing teammate, Freddie Slater.

Lindblad’s defensive maneuvers on the run to Lisboa caused Slater to attempt an overtake, resulting in a lock-up and a chain reaction that involved Miki Koyama, Bianca Bustamante, and Kevin Xiao, prompting the safety car.

Martinius Stenshorne made impressive gains, climbing from 19th to 10th. A suspected electrical issue for Slater further shuffled the pack. Lindblad held a solid lead over Charles Leong and Rashid Al Dhaheri.

Subsequent safety car periods, including Marco Lau’s crash, tightened the competition. Despite this, Lindblad maintained control, with Stenshorne crashing out at Fisherman’s Bend. Lindblad’s lead continued to grow, with Slater battling his way back into the top 10.

As Lindblad extended his lead, Al Dhaheri challenged Leong for second, and Slater recorded the fastest lap. Lindblad retook the fastest lap on lap 10, despite a late crash by Xiao and Jack Beeton joining the battle for second.

The race concluded under yellow flags due to multiple incidents, securing Lindblad’s double victory. Slater finished ninth, while Raphael Narac pitted from eighth and did not rejoin the race.

With two impressive victories in challenging conditions, Arvid Lindblad proved his mettle on the iconic Macau circuit. There’s no doubt today that his performances have left a lasting impression, as he prepares to step up to a 2024 Prema Formula 3 seat.

Header photo credit: Macau GP


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