BlackJack Racing Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO in the Pro-Am Class trio of drivers Jack Pang Changyuan, Parcen Ye Pengcheng and Rodolfo Avila took a Pro-Am Class class podium in the China Endurance Championship Round 2 at Ningbo International Speedpark.

The weekend began with a challenging setback, but thanks to the collective efforts of the BlackJack Racing and Asia Racing Team mechanics, the situation was swiftly resolved. They worked diligently to replace the gearbox of the Italian car on Friday night. As a result of their tireless dedication, the No.63 BlackJack Racing Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO was fully operational for Saturday’s practice sessions, posting the fifth best time in the GT3 field.

On Sunday, the day commenced with a 20-minute qualifying session, where the starting grid for the 150-minute plus one lap endurance race in the afternoon was determined. Contrary to most of the field and without using new tires, Parcen Ye assumed the team’s qualifying session duties, posting the seventh-best lap time overall.

Jack Pang took on the responsibility of making the start for the car, avoiding the confusion at the first corner and advancing to sixth position before handing over to Parcen Ye. Despite it being his first time racing a GT3 car, Parcen Ye diligently fulfilled his role, ensuring the car remained in optimal condition for the final stint. Taking charge as the team’s most seasoned driver, Macau’s Rodolfo Avila showcased his exceptional skills by setting the second-best lap time of the race. Ultimately, he crossed the finish line in sixth place overall, securing an impressive third-place finish in the GT3 Pro-Am class for the team.

After the race, Parcen Ye commented, “It was my debut race in the series, and the first time is usually considered a practice session to achieve the best lap time. In the main race, I was somewhat hindered by traffic. Nevertheless, it turned out to be quite rewarding. Additionally, achieving my first podium finish further reinforces this notion.”

Rodolfo Avila, Team Manager and Driver, said, “We are delighted to secure a spot on the GT3 Pro Am class podium. It was a positive overall experience, and we learned many valuable lessons. We didn’t use new tires during qualifying, and we didn’t take any unnecessary risks during the race. Considering this was my first time driving this car, I am confident that we possess room for improvement in both setup and overall performance. We wholeheartedly embrace fresh challenges and remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries in all forthcoming races.”

Team Principal and Driver, Jack Pang, added, “It was my first GT3 endurance race, and I encountered some issues at the start. As a result, I adopted a conservative approach throughout my stint. This race has been a valuable learning experience for both myself and the entire team. I would like to express my special thanks to Rodolfo and Parcen for their support and contribution in carrying me through this race.”

BlackJack Racing and Asia Racing Team crews will continue to work together I the coming weeks, entering a diverse range of GT and single-seater cars in the China Endurance Championship, GT Super Sprint Challenge, Open Formula Challenge, and F4 Chinese Championship.

In the meantime, both teams are offering testing opportunities in Shanghai, Ningbo, and Zhuhai.


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