Ahead of the much-anticipated inaugural F4 Indian Championship, Asian Motorsport caught up with Singaporean driver Nooris Gafoor in an exclusive interview to discuss his journey and his progression to single-seaters.

Making waves in karting

Gafoor began by reflecting on his early days in karting. “So I started racing fully in 2018, end of 2018 in Asia. Previously in 2017 I was racing in the UK and Europe, and then COVID hit so I stopped racing for a bit,” he said.

“But then I started to continue and then COVID went down in Asia. First season in 2022 we didn’t do much racing but we were able to do a few races around Asia.”

It was in 2023 that Gafoor took significant strides in his racing career, participating in the competitive ROK and X30 classes.

“That’s when in 2023 we decided to go into all the seasons in ROK and X30, and managed to clinch onto the ROK Cup Singapore Championship and also second in the Asia Championship,” he continued.

“We are currently leading the Malaysia ROK Championship as well, so that’s a great achievement coming back from COVID and not being able to race.

“So I’ve been racing since I was 8 years old but stopping in between, but since then we’ve had the passion to race and we’ve got the chance to race a Formula 4 car here and I’m really privileged to be able to do this.”

Gafoor expressed his excitement ahead of the inaugural F4 Indian Championship. “I’m really excited to race Indian F4 because this is going to be the first time in a single-seater, especially in an F4 car,” he said.

“There’s going to be a lot of improvements to be made throughout the weekends, throughout each race, each round. But I think with the experience we’ve had in karting it should be a strong weekend and a lot of improvement throughout each round.”

The next step for Gafoor is pre-season testing which is scheduled for today and tomorrow at the Madras International Circuit in Chennai.

Motorsport enthusiasts will be keenly watching as the first race of the Indian F4 season unfolds on the 4-5 November 2023 at the Hyderabad Street Circuit.

Header photo credit: Nooris Gafoor


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