The #31 Audi of Phantom Global Racing will start from pole position in Saturday’s 12 Hours of Sepang after drivers Bian Ye, Cheng Congfu and Adderly Fong combined for the fastest aggregate lap time.

By Steven Walton

Qualifying took place from 3 pm until about 5 pm on Friday, with the running split up into five 15-minute sessions. Most GT3 entries opted to run in the final three sessions.

Every driver had to run in at least one session and set a lap time. Qualifying positions for each car were determined by adding together the lap times of the three quickest drivers from each team’s car.

The #31 Phantom Global Porsche took the overall pole with a combined lap time of 6:10.296.

The second-quickest car was the #44 R&B Racing Porsche, driven by Yuan Bo, Lu Wei, and Leo Ye. Their combined lap time was 0.254s behind the Phantom Global car.

Still, R&B Racing is running in the Am class this weekend and therefore starts from the Am pole tomorrow.

The #710 D1 Racing Team Lamborghini took pole in the GTC class. That class has three competitors this weekend.

326 Racing’s #326 Audi RS3 is on pole for the TCR class, which consists of two cars.

Phantom Global ‘experience-building’ this weekend

The pole for Phantom Global Porsche has come despite the team saying their focus is not on winning this weekend.

Team director Martin Young previously told Asian Motorsport the focus in Sepang was “experience-building” ahead of the team’s planned three-car entry in GT World Challenge Asia.

The fastest of the three drivers in the pole-sitting Porsche was Cheng Congfu. He set a 2:02.646 in the final session.

Adderly Fong drove in the fourth session and set a 2:02.999, which was the fastest time in that session.

The team’s amateur driver, Bian Ye, set a 2:04.651 in the third session.

Supercars star Payne the quickest driver overall

Supercars driver Matt Payne set the fastest single lap in qualifying in the #4 Grove Racing Mercedes. He delivered a 2:02.026 in the third session.

This was more than three-tenths faster than any other lap set in qualifying.

The Grove Racing Mercedes lines up third on the Sepang grid.

Payne told Asian Motorsport he ended up having a “speedy wagon” and it was comfortable to drive for himself and his co-drivers, Stephen and Brenton Grove.

“Only really had one lap to do it, yeah it was pretty good to get it done, it was sort of spitting out there a little bit so I thought potentially it could rain for the next two sessions, but luckily it held off,” he said.

Payne said he expected another driver to do a faster lap than his. “I just probably underestimated how fast we actually were,” he said.

“I haven’t actually had a chance all weekend to push properly on a set of tyres so it was sort of a first time for me … it’s a good feeling to get it done and sets us up well.”

Full qualifying results:

  1. Phantom Global Racing – Audi – GT3 – #31 
  2. R&B Racing – Porsche – GT3 AM – #44
  3. Grove Racing – Mercedes – GT3 – #4
  4. Absolute Racing – Porsche – GT3 – #911
  5. Harmony Racing – Ferrari – GT3 – #33
  6. Absolute Racing – Audi – GT3 – #26
  7. Phantom Global Racing – Porsche – GT3 – #13
  8. EBM – Porsche – GT3 – #61
  9. Climax Racing – Audi – GT3 AM – #777
  10. Viper Niza Racing – Mercedes – GT3 – #65
  11. Prime Speed Sport – Aston Martin – GT3 AM – #71
  12. Absolute Racing – Audi – GT3 Am – #5
  13. D1 Racing Team – Lamborghini – GTC – #710
  14. Modena Motorsports – Porsche – GTC – #216
  15. Vortex Racegraph – Lamborghini – GTC – #7
  16. 326 Racing Team – Audi – TCR – #326
  17. Z. Speed – Hyundai – TCR – #18

Header image credit: 12 Hours of Sepang


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