Silver-ranked pro drivers Akash Nandy and Eshan Pieris are sharing the #62 B-Quik Absolute Racing Audi in this year’s Thailand Super Series season. Asian Motorsport caught up with both drivers in Buriram.

By Steven Walton

2024 marks the third Thailand Super Series season for both Nandy and Pieris. The two young pros, who hail from Malaysia and Sri Lanka respectively, are both exciting stars in Asia.

This year, Nandy and Pieris will both race full-time in the Thailand Super Series and the ultra-competitive GT World Challenge Asia championship.

Last weekend, the 2024 Thailand Super Series season kicked off with two races in Buriram and Asian Motorsport caught up with both drivers in the paddock.

‘Very good competition’ in Thailand Super Series

Nandy told Asian Motorsport the Thailand Super Series was a very fun championship. “It’s relaxed, it’s not too stressful and at the same time you’ve got very good competition,” he said.

Despite both drivers having raced in the Thailand Super Series for the past two years, 2024 is the first time they have shared a car for the full season.

“It’s quite good, he’s a friend of mine, we both came from the same go-kart team as well, so we do have a lot of mutual friends, so that just makes our pairing a bit easier,” Nandy said.

One of the hurdles facing the pair in this year in the Thailand Super Series is the compensation time added to their mandatory pitstops.

As they are both silver-ranked drivers, 40 seconds is added to every pitstop they make, which is more time than competitors with bronze-ranked drivers.

In the first Thailand Super Series race in Buriram on Saturday, Nandy showed one way of overcoming this: he stormed to pole in qualifying and then bolted into the distance when the race got underway, building a significant gap.

Unfortunately, hopes of a good result for Nandy and Pieris were dashed on the fifth lap when a puncture forced Nandy into the pits. The pair eventually finished the race in fourth, a result they repeated in the race the next day.

With campaigns this year in Thailand Super Series and GT World Challenge Asia, Nandy said he has 11 race weekends on his calendar.

“I’m happy to be in the car as much as I can, it only helps me improve myself, even though I’m competing at a very high level, the more track time you have, the better,” he said.

“It means a lot to me to be able to do this amount of racing in one season, and as well, spend more time with the team, more time with the manufacturer, learning as much as I can, also improving as much as I can because one tenth goes a long way.”

Pieris: ‘This is probably the busiest year I’ve had in my entire career’

Pieris told Asian Motorsport that Nandy was a great teammate to have in the Thailand Super Series.

“We learn a lot from each other, we push each other well, there’s a lot of positives from this partnership,” he said.

Like Nandy, Pieris is also racing full-time in GT World Challenge Asia this year, though the two drive different cars in that series.

“This is probably the busiest year I’ve had in my entire career, it’s a dream of mine to be racing and I think you know every year I’ve had more and more opportunities to be racing,” Pieris said.

“I’m very grateful for Absolute [Racing] for giving me these opportunities.”

Pieris said there weren’t many drivers from his home country, Sri Lanka, in the international motorsport world.

“So I would say that in many ways I am representing a minority so it does feel really special to have the opportunity to be here,” he said. “Hopefully this inspires more Sri Lankans.”

Pieris said he hoped to have more opportunities in the future, including racing in Europe.

“Maybe you know if everything falls in place for me, if I can get a contract with a manufacturer, that would be a dream come true,” he said. “Maybe one day race in Le Mans, do the 24 Hours of Nurburgring, you know there are so many dream race events I’d love to be a part of one day.”

“I’m hustling it out, so let’s see what happens.”

Nandy and Pieris will both be back on track on May 10-12 for the second round of GT World Challenge Asia in Buriram.

Header image credit: Thailand Super Series


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