The Super Pickup D2 (Class C) qualifying session at the Bang Saen Circuit ended with high drama and unpredictable weather as #34 Izusu All New driver Agkachat Meeprom took pole, setting the stage for an exciting race.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

Meeprom, who drives for อภิชา ติฟาร์ม เอ็ มเอกชาติ ช าบูเถ้าแก่น้ อย SMK AKA NA MKSport by ช่างวัฒน์ อู๊ด อ๋ อง ระย อง, led the field with a lap time of 02:00.625, set on his first lap of the session. He was followed by fellow Isuzu drivers Kittipong Nipapan, who finished in second place 0.288s behind the leader, and Chaiwat Kunyosotha, who rounded out the top three a time of 02:03.111.

The session was red-flagged with three minutes remaining, but was resumed shortly after. Rain began to fall in the final moments, adding another layer of challenge to the drivers.

Several drivers penalised for black smoke

Several drivers had their times disallowed due to excessive black smoke, a common issue in diesel pickup racing that can lead to penalties.

  • Car #26 had its Lap 4 time cancelled.
  • Car #78 also faced a Lap 4 time cancellation.
  • Car #1 and Car #9 had their Lap 3 times disallowed.
  • Car #97, along with Car #1 and Car #9, saw their Lap 2 times cancelled.

These penalties shuffled the grid and affected the results of several teams.

TH Super Pickup D2 (Class C) top ten

  1. Agkachai Meeeprom (Isuzu) – 2:00.625
  2. Kittipong Nipapan (Isuzu) – 2:00.913
  3. Chaiwat Kunoysotha (Isuzu) – 2:03.111
  4. Suradet Sanjinda (Isuzu) – 2:03.569
  5. Methawin Sirirakteerakul (Isuzu) – 2:04.060
  6. Akaluk Tahom (Chevrolet Colorado) – 2:04.207
  7. Supamongkol Depetch (Isuzu) – 2:04.416
  8. Saranyoo Aonjaiaue (Isuzu) – 2:04.607
  9. Pakorn Tamachote (Isuzu) – 2:04.992
  10. Wittaya Raiyai (Isuzu) – 2:05.287

The Super Pickup D2 category will have its race on Friday afternoon, and fans can expect an action-packed event with the drivers battling for victory on the challenging Bangsaen Circuit.

Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for full coverage and updates on the races.

Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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