Kush Maini is currently ninth in the FIA Formula 2 Championship. The leading Asian driver on the grid has achieved two podium finishes so far this season, and has also tested the Alpine A522 earlier this month at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

The test marked Maini’s second outing with Alpine, following his previous run in their 2021 car last year. However, this test was particularly special as it was his first time driving the current generation of Formula 1 cars, an experience he described as “a dream come true” and “something [he has] been working towards for a very long time.”

“To have been given the opportunity by Alpine is a dream come true and I really enjoyed every single second of it,” said Maini. “F1 is very complex compared to a Formula 2 car, so there are a lot more procedures to learn, a lot more things to keep in mind. I spent seven days with Alpine on the simulator, working closely with my engineer to familarise myself with the team and the car.

“This preparation was crucial in helping me adapt quickly during the actual test.”

Maini: F1 cars “just so quick” with “so much grip”

Maini expanded upon his first moments behind the wheel of the A422. “It’s just so quick, so much grip,” he added. “It’s almost like the car is designed so well that whatever you want the car to do, it does, especially in the high speed.”

How did driving Formula 2 cars help his transition to Formula 1? “The F1 car is very fast in the straights, but in terms of braking and handling the forces, there’s a notable difference with F1. However, the challenging nature of the F2 car prepared me well, and I was able to gain confidence quickly in the F1 car.”

Looking ahead, Maini remains focused on his FIA F2 campaign with Invicta Racing. “I’m currently ninth in the championship in F2, which isn’t where we want to be,” he acknowledged. “After a tough couple of rounds, we’ve identified the issues and are determined to get back on track.

“I’m feeling good, and despite the setbacks, I’m eager to return to racing,” he continued. “With back-to-back races approaching, I’m focused on delivering solid performances and accumulating valuable points.”

As Maini continues to balance his Formula 2 commitments with opportunities in Formula 1, his recent test with Alpine serves as a significant milestone in his motorsport journey, reaffirming his ambition and dedication to achieving success at the highest levels of racing.

Header photo credit: Alpine Cars


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