Asian Motorsport reviews the action from race three of the third round of the 2024 French F4 season at Spa-Francorchamps.

By Marco Albertini

Race three of the third round of the 2024 French F4 Championship was held at 9:20 local time.

Taito Kato, the highest starting Asian driver, started in fourth position and had a good start despite a lock-up in the first corner, attacking Chester Kieffer for third as soon as he approached the first chicane.

As the field got to the final part of the track, an accident between Frank Porte Ruiz and Dylan Estre took both drivers out of the race and allowed Rayan Caretti and Jason Leung to move up to sixth and seventh respectively as the Safety Car neutralised the race.

The yellow flag period ended with ten minutes to go as the Safety Car came in, and it didn’t take long for Kato to continue his attack on Kieffer for third, attacking the Luxembourgish driver on the inside heading into Les Combes, with the overtake happening midway through the second sector.

As the race was drawing to a close, Arthur Dorison and Gabriel Doyle-Parfait crashed and found themselves beached in the gravel, bringing out a second Safety Car. As only a handful of minutes were left on the clock, the race ended behind the Safety Car. Taito Kato held on to third place, Rayan Caretti kept sixth place, Jason Leung took his first points since Ledenon in seventh and Arjun Chheda retired in the pits during the last Safety Car period.

Race three’s top ten finishers

  1. Jules Caranta (FRA)
  2. Yani Stevenheydens (BEL) +00.292
  3. Taito Kato (JPN) +01.304
  4. Chester Kieffer (LUX) +01.779
  5. Augustin Bernier (FRA) +01.910
  6. Rayan Caretti (THA) +02.308
  7. Jason Leung (FRA) +02.706
  8. Leonardo Megna (ITA) +03.365
  9. Alexandre Munoz (FRA) +04.424
  10. Enzo Caldaras (FRA) +05.953

Full results are available here.

French F4 drivers’ championship top ten

  1. Taito Kato (JPN) – 133
  2. Yani Stevenheydens (BEL) – 117
  3. Chester Kieffer (LUX) – 114
  4. Jules Caranta (FRA) – 101
  5. Rayan Caretti (THA) – 70
  6. Augustin Bernier (FRA) – 39
  7. Jules Roussel (FRA) – 33
  8. Frank Porté Ruiz (AND) – 27
  9. Leonardo Megna (ITA) – 24
  10. Alex O’Grady (IRE) – 22

Header image credit: Honda Racing


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