In the vibrant world of Formula E, Jehan Daruvala, the budding racing sensation, is poised to etch his name in history as the third Indian driver to grace the World Championship single-seater motorsport grid. Joining the esteemed ranks of Maserati MSG Racing, Jehan stands as the sole rookie in the Season 10 Formula E lineup, symbolizing not just a new chapter in his career but a transformative leap in India’s motorsport narrative.

“At 13, I had to make the very difficult decision to leave home so I could race and study in England. It definitely wasn’t easy. I’m a family guy and I like being at home, so at such a young age, it was sometimes hard,” shared Jehan, underscoring the sacrifices he made to pursue his passion for racing.

The remarkable journey of Jehan Daruvala began through Force India’s ‘One in a Billion’ initiative, a program crafted to nurture young talents from karting to Formula One. “That one-hundredth changed my life,” reminisced Jehan, highlighting the critical moment that altered the course of his destiny.

In a nation where motorsport faces financial challenges, Jehan’s entry into Formula E resonates as a beacon of hope. “It’s a very expensive sport to compete in, and to take it up, you need to be willing to give up almost everything, and that’s not easy from a parent’s point of view as well,” emphasized Jehan, acknowledging the hurdles aspiring racers encounter in India.

Joining Maserati MSG Racing signifies more than a personal achievement for Jehan; it’s a testament to India’s potential on the global motorsport stage. “Being the only Indian driver currently competing in World Championship motorsport does bring a bit of pressure, but I’m a racer. I’m here to compete and I’m here to do well,” declared Jehan, his determination shining through.

His mission goes beyond personal success. Jehan aims to showcase India’s immense talent globally. “I want to show the people back home that we’re good enough to be here. That with the right facilities, the right education, and the right opportunities, we are good enough to compete against the best people in the world,” Jehan passionately stated.

As Jehan Daruvala embarks on this thrilling chapter, Asian Motorsport proudly stands as a witness to his journey, providing comprehensive updates and insights. His story epitomizes the spirit of resilience and determination, inspiring generations of young racers in India. Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for Jehan Daruvala’s pioneering strides in the heart of Formula E, proving that dreams, with the right support and opportunity, can indeed become reality on the grand stage of global motorsport.


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