Van Amersfoort Racing’s Hiyu Yamakoshi took the championship lead after securing victory in race two, as runners-up Akshay bohra and Dion Gowda completed the second all-Asian podium of the weekend.

By Marco Albertini

Race two of the second round of the FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship was held at 9:00 local time. Yamakoshi was on pole and kept the lead at the start as drivers behind started to fiercely fight.

Firstly, it was Freddie Slater attacking Akshay Bohra for third place, although the Indian-American driver successfully defended his position. Just behind them, Kean Nakamura-Berta was battling his teammate Tomass Stolcermanis for P8. However, the British-licensed Japanese racer and Alpine junior was unable to get alongside his teammate.

They would soon gain positions as Gianmarco Pradel and Mercedes junior Alex Powell collided ahead of them, giving a puncture to the Australian and a broken front wing for the second race in a row for the Jamaican.

Yamakoshi pulls away as Bohra overtakes Beeton for P2

Yamakoshi was pulling away from the cars behind as he set the fastest lap of the race in the process, although this didn’t last long as Freddie Slater, and later, Bohra, would take it from him.

As the race progressed, Bohra finally got to the back of his teammate Beeton and a three-way fight for second ensued with Slater, who was chasing both of them. This ended with Bohra locking up at the first chicane, forcing Beeton into the gravel and allowing him to gain the position.

With Bohra pulling away, Slater was left to attack Beeton. This ended in disaster for both of them, as the Briton made a very late move into Tosa which caused both of them to spin.

One-lap shootout to end the race

As the race was nearing its end, with 5 minutes to go, BVM’s Jan Koller stopped on track with a broken rear left suspension, bring out a safety car. The safety car came in with one lap to go, giving the drivers one final chance at gaining positions before the end of the race.

On the restart, Stolcermanis tried to attack Dion Gowda for third place, although his efforts ultimately did not succeed. At the front, Yamakoshi took his second win of the season ahead of Bohra and Gowda. With this win, Yamakoshi is now the current Drivers’ Championship leader, five points ahead of Freddie Slater.

After Slater’s disqualification from race one, this is the second all-Asian podium of the Italian F4 weekend. With Nakamura-Berta finishing in P5 and Rashid Al Dhaheri ending the race in P6, five Asian drivers finished in the top six positions.

Further down the field, Enzo Yeh finished in P19, whilst Kabir Anurag finished in P23. Shimo Zhang retired from the race.

Race two’s top ten finishers

  • Hiyu Yamakoshi (JPN), Van Amersfoort Racing – P1
  • Akshay Bohra (IND), US Racing – P2
  • Dion Gowda (IND), Prema Racing – P3
  • Tomass Stolcermanis (LVA), Prema Racing – P4
  • Kean Nakamura-Berta (JPN), Prema Racing – P5
  • Rashid Al Dhaheri (UAE), Prema Racing – P6
  • Gustav Jonsson (SWE), Van Amersfoort Racing – P7
  • Reno Francot (NLD), Jenzer Motorsport – P8
  • Freddie Slater (GBR), Prema Racing – P9
  • Davide Larini (ITA), PHM AIX Racing – P10

Other Asian drivers’ race two results

  • Enzo Yeh (TPE), R-ace GP – P19
  • Kabir Anurag (SGP), US Racing – P23
  • Shimo Zhang (HKG), Jenzer Motorsport – Ret

Italian F4 Drivers’ Championship standings

  • Hiyu Yamakoshi (JPN), Van Amersfoort Racing – 82 points
  • Freddie Slater (GBR), Prema Racing, – 77 points
  • Akshay Bohra (IND), US Racing – 63 points
  • Alex Powell (JAM), Prema Racing – 54 points
  • Dion Gowda (IND), Prema Racing – 38 points 
  • Rashid Al Dhaheri (UAE), Prema Racing – 33 points
  • Kean Nakamura-Berta (JPN), Prema Racing – 29 points
  • Tomass Stolcermanis (LVA), Prema Racing – 28 points
  • Gianmarco Pradel (AUS), US Racing – 25 points
  • Jack Beeton (AUS), US Racing – 22 points

Header photo credit: Paolo Pellegrini


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