Breaking news in the world of virtual motorsports as iRacing and INDYCAR announce a comprehensive multiyear licensing agreement, rekindling a historic collaboration spanning over a dozen years. This exciting partnership not only marks the return of the renowned iRacing Indianapolis 500 but also grants exclusive rights to the prestigious INDYCAR SERIES and the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Asian Motorsport is pleased to highlight that this collaboration brings an even more diverse and global racing experience to iRacing enthusiasts. Among the multitude of tracks featured, three Asian circuits have found their place on the platform, offering virtual racers the opportunity to navigate the challenges of the continent’s unique racing landscapes.

Asian Circuits on iRacing:

  1. Okayama International Circuit: Nestled in the Japanese countryside, Okayama International Circuit provides a captivating blend of technical turns and high-speed stretches, making it a favorite among virtual racers.
  2. Suzuka International Racing Course: Known globally for its figure-eight layout and challenging corners, Suzuka International Racing Course is a cornerstone of Japanese motorsport. Now, iRacing users can experience the thrill of tackling this iconic track virtually.
  3. Tsukuba Circuit: A beloved circuit among racing enthusiasts, Tsukuba Circuit in Japan offers a tight and technical layout, testing the precision and skill of virtual racers on iRacing.

These Asian circuits contribute to the immersive global experience iRacing strives to provide, allowing users to virtually race on tracks from different corners of the world. As iRacing President Tony Gardner expressed, “There is no better way for fans to experience simracing than on iRacing,” and with the inclusion of these Asian circuits, the platform continues to deliver on that promise.

In addition to the return of the iRacing Indianapolis 500, this partnership introduces several provisions aimed at enhancing the flexibility of running events and series. It also opens up access for iRacing members to INDYCAR SERIES content, further enriching the virtual racing experience.

The licensing agreement takes immediate effect, and Asian Motorsport readers can anticipate witnessing the rebranding of series, cars, and events on the iRacing platform in the coming days. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development, including specifics about the iRacing Indianapolis 500, as we continue to bring you the latest from the world of Asian motorsport and beyond.


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