Asian Motorsport’s Marco Albertini spoke to US Racing’s Akshay Bohra ahead of the second round of the Italian F4 season, as he reflected on a “pretty positive” first round at Misano where he had “shown his pace”.

By Marco Albertini

Bohra achieved two top-five finishes in the first three races of the FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship season opener at the Misano Circuit. The 17-year-old clinched a podium in the second race of the weekend and is currently fourth in the championship with 27 points.

“The first round at Misano was pretty positive overall,” said Bohra. “We’ve shown our pace. We had a pretty good race in race two and a pretty good race in race one, so there’s definitely a potential there.

“Obviously, it’s gonna be a long championship, but I’m just gonna keep my head down and do my best every weekend.”

This is Bohra’s second year racing in Italian F4. The Indian-American racer finished eighth in the 2023, with additional campaigns in F4 UAE, Euro 4, Indian F4, and one round of Spanish F4 that same year. Notably, he finished third in the Euro 4 drivers’ standings.

Ahead of his 2024 campaign, Bohra competed in Formula Winter Series with US Racing, finishing 11th.

Journeys, influences, and driver numbers

Asian Motorsport asked Bohra how he began his journey to Formula 4 racing.

“It’s actually a funny story, but my brother [FRECA driver Nikhil Bohra] one time, when we were living in India, went to a fun karting track, and he had a really good time,” he explained. “Since then, he started getting more into it, and then as he got more serious about it, I tried to follow him.

“It went from racing fun karts to racing professional karts and then moving across the globe.”

Bohra has achieved several notable karting results, including the IAME Junior Asia Final and German Junior Kart Championship (OK-J) titles in 2020 and 2021 respectively. He competed in the OK Senior class with Kart Republilc in 2022 whilst simultaneously stepping up to car racing in Ginetta Juniors, before making his Formula 4 debut at the end of that year.

Asian Motorsport asked Bohra who his biggest influences in motor racing are.

“One of my biggest idols when I was younger was definitely Sebastian Vettel, when I was seven-to-eight [years old] and I was watching his races all the time. But the issue was that my family supported Hamilton, so it was a bit of a rivalry between me, my brother and my dad!

“Nowadays, I’d say probably Lando [Norris]. I think Lando is really cool and is very talented so he’s probably the closest mentor I have right now.”

Bohra races with the number 31. Is there a particular reason for this?

“Initially, my favorite number was 33 when I was young. But then one race my team accidentally selected 31, and that was my first win! So since then, I’ve just kind of rolled with it, and over time I’ve been liking the number more, so I’ve not changed it since 2017.”

Bohra: “What I need to do is demand the best from myself”

After finishing third in the 2023 Euro 4 championship, what are Bohra’s objectives for his Formula 4 campaigns ahead?

“Well, it’s hard to make an objective in terms of results,” he said. “You obviously want to win everything, and say you want to finish the season first, but I think what I need to do is demand the best from myself.

“If I had a goal for this year, it would be that every race I did do the best I could’ve done and leave everything on the track. Looking at results-wise, I just want to make sure I’m maximizing every weekend and wherever we end up is what we could’ve done.”

Lastly, Asian Motorsport asked Bohra to reflect on what the best race of his motorsport career was.

“It’s probably my first win ever. I started second, I had a pretty difficult race, I was fighting a lot and then I made a move on the last lap which was pretty good, to take my first ever win. “So if I had to pick anything that stood out, that would probably be [that] race.”

As Akshay Bohra aims to maximize his potential in the Italian F4 season, his dedication to the sport is evident. With inspirations like Sebastian Vettel and Lando Norris, Akshay is set for a promising career. Asian Motorsport will be following Akshay’s progress closely throughout 2024.

Header photo credit: ACI Sport


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