The Madras Circuit in Chennai reverberated with the roar of engines as the inaugural round of the Indian F4 Championship kicked off in a blaze of glory. Friday’s practice sessions were a testament to the raw talent and fierce determination of the young drivers from around the world. With each passing lap, the anticipation soared, setting the stage for an adrenaline-pumping weekend ahead.

Dominance of Cooper Webster and Emergence of Akshay Bohra:

Australian sensation Cooper Webster set the track ablaze, clocking the fastest lap of the day with a remarkable time of 1:36.997. However, the spotlight also shone brightly on Akshay Bohra, who showcased exceptional skills and determination, securing the second spot with a commendable lap time of 1:37.066. Bohra’s performance highlighted the depth of talent within the Indian racing scene, promising thrilling battles in the upcoming races.

Shahan Ali Mohsin, Alex Sawer, and Jack Taylor Make Their Mark:

The competition further intensified with the stellar performances of Shahan Ali Mohsin, Alex Sawer, and Jack Taylor. Shahan Ali Mohsin displayed remarkable control and speed, claiming the third spot with a lap time of 1:37.612. Alex Sawer showcased his skills, securing the fourth position with a competitive time of 1:37.683. Meanwhile, Jack Taylor’s tenacity earned him the fifth spot with a commendable lap time of 1:38.292. These emerging talents added an exciting dynamic to the championship, promising edge-of-the-seat action in the races to come.

Rohan, Rishon, Arjun, Nooris, and Rishab: The Challengers in Pursuit:

The battle for supremacy didn’t stop at the top five. Rohan Madesh impressed, securing the sixth spot with a lap time of 1:38.297, displaying his determination to challenge the frontrunners. Rishon Gafoor, with a lap time of 1:38.463, showcased his resilience, claiming the seventh position, while Arjun Chheda demonstrated his skills, securing the eighth spot with a lap time of 1:38.818. Nooris Gafoor and Rishab Jain, both with times of 1:38.861, rounded off the top ten, underscoring the depth of talent in this fiercely competitive field.

Final Session Drama:

Adding to the excitement, the final session of the day was dedicated to practice starts and a 10-minute qualifying simulation. This session provided a sneak peek into the drivers’ race strategies, offering fans a glimpse of the calculated aggression that will define the qualifying rounds and races. The track was alive with the sound of engines and the screech of tires as the drivers honed their skills, preparing for the battles that lay ahead.

Weather Watch:

Despite the threat of rain lingering in the air, the practice sessions were fortunate to remain dry. However, the weather gods might have a different plan for the crucial qualifying sessions and races. The possibility of rain adds an additional layer of complexity to the upcoming battles, testing the drivers’ skills in varying conditions and making the races even more unpredictable. As the drivers prepare for the challenges that lie ahead, the Madras Circuit remains on the edge, ready for the excitement and drama that rain could bring to this high-stakes competition.


  1. Cooper Webster – 1:36.997
  2. Akshay Bohra – 1:37.066
  3. Shahan Ali Mohsin – 1:37.612
  4. Alex Sawer – 1:37.683
  5. Jack Taylor – 1:38.292
  6. Rohan Madesh – 1:38.297
  7. Rishon Gafoor – 1:38.463
  8. Arjun Chheda – 1:38.818
  9. Nooris Gafoor – 1:38.861
  10. Rishab Jain – 1:38.861


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