Chennai, India – The MMRT circuit in Chennai played host to an electrifying inaugural round of the Indian Formula 4 Championship, meticulously organized by MP Motorsport. With eleven skilled drivers pushing their limits, the weekend unfolded with intense battles and remarkable displays of racing prowess.

Practice and Qualifying Sessions: The weekend began with practice sessions where Akshay Bohra set a blistering pace with a lap time of 1:36.905s. However, challenges surfaced for Cooper Webster during Qualifying 1, forcing him to revert to older tires for Qualifying 2 and Race 1. Despite this setback, Webster showcased determination, securing competitive positions in subsequent sessions. Bohra continued his dominance, claiming pole position with a time of 1:36.721s.

Race 1 (13 laps): The first race of the weekend was marked by a lengthy safety car period that disrupted the flow of the race. Bohra showcased his expertise, maintaining his lead and crossing the finish line 1.503 seconds ahead of Rishon Rajeev. Shahan Ali Mohsin and Alex Sawer secured the third and fourth positions, respectively. Cooper Webster exhibited exceptional driving, navigating challenges and finishing sixth despite the safety car period.

Race 1 Results:

  1. Akshay Bohra – 26m32.087s
  2. Rishon Rajeev – +1.503s
  3. Shahan Ali Mohsin – +5.196s
  4. Alex Sawer – +7.207s
  5. Rishab Jain – +9.544s
  6. Cooper Webster – +10.226s
  7. Nooris Gafoor – +16.840s
  8. Jack Taylor – +17.622s

Race 2 (17 laps): In the second race, Cooper Webster made a spectacular comeback after resolving his tire issues. He showcased his prowess, maintaining a significant lead of 6.893 seconds ahead of Bohra, securing a well-deserved victory. Shahan Ali Mohsin displayed consistency, earning him the third position.

Race 2 Results:

  1. Cooper Webster
  2. Akshay Bohra – +6.893s
  3. Shahan Ali Mohsin – +18.940s
  4. Rishon Rajeev – +21.361s
  5. Rishab Jain – +26.283s
  6. Rohaan Madesh – +31.242s
  7. Arjun Chheda – +33.816s
  8. Jack Taylor – +35.000s
  9. Nooris Gafoor – +51.110s
  10. Alex Sawer – +1 lap

Race 3 (17 laps): The final race of the weekend delivered intense moments as Cooper Webster made a stunning start, swiftly surging from 5th to 1st position on the first lap. However, a bold move by Akshay Bohra to reclaim the lead resulted in contact, leading to a 15-second penalty for Bohra. Despite the challenge, Webster showcased remarkable composure, securing the 1st place. Notably, Alex Sawer, in his race car debut, achieved a remarkable 2nd place finish in Race 3, marking his podium debut in the FIA series. This achievement is not only a testament to his skill but also a historic moment, as he became the first Vietnamese driver to secure a podium position in an FIA-sanctioned series. Shahan Ali Mohsin and Rishon Rajeev exhibited determined performances, finishing 3rd and 4th, respectively, in a highly competitive field.

Race 3 Results:

  1. Cooper Webster
  2. Alex Sawer – +9.207s (First Vietnamese driver to score a podium in an FIA series)
  3. Shahan Ali Mohsin – +14.426s
  4. Rishon Rajeev – +15.510s
  5. Rohaan Madesh – +19.820s
  6. Arjun Chheda – +21.116s
  7. Akshay Bohra (after penalty – +21.469s)
  8. Rishab Jain – +28.708s
  9. Jack Taylor – +29.438s
  10. Nooris Gafoor – +1 lap

Championship Standings:

  1. Cooper Webster – 58 points
  2. Akshay Bohra – 53 points
  3. Shahan Ali Mohsin – 45 points
  4. Rishon Rajeev – 43 points
  5. Alex Sawer – 31 points
  6. Rishab Jain – 24 points
  7. Rohaan Madesh – 18 points
  8. Arjun Chheda – 14 points
  9. Nooris Gafoor – 10 points
  10. Jack Taylor – 10 points

The inaugural round of the Indian Formula 4 Championship showcased exceptional talent and thrilling racing moments. Alex Sawer’s outstanding podium on his race car debut added a new dimension to the championship but also made history, marking a significant milestone for Vietnamese motorsport.

With the close pace and competition witnessed between Bohra and Webster throughout the weekend, motorsport enthusiasts can eagerly anticipate a captivating championship battle in the Indian Formula 4 Championship. As the championship progresses, fans can expect more gripping battles, impressive performances, and historic moments, making the upcoming races a must-watch for motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. Stay tuned for further updates as the championship unfolds, promising more excitement and intense competition in the races to come.


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