With just over 3 and a half hours to go in the 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi, a Code 60, a full course yellow, was brought out due to a massive crash.

The Lamera Cup #223, driven by Race Track Competition’s Daniel Lamoulie, was on his outlap when he collided with the barriers at T4.

Lamoulie carried a huge amount of speed as he slid along the barriers, losing a huge amount of bodywork and both front tyres.

Thankfully, Daniel Lamoulie was able to get out of the car and walk to the medical car, showing he was unharmed in the crash, a true testament to the modern safety of racing cars.

Just over the rise of T3, track changes to T3 and T4 have caused several drivers to lose control of their car, including two McLarens who spun out earlier in the weekend. T4 is one of the few places on the track that doesn’t have a run-off area on the right side.

Lamoulie was on cold tyres and a full tank as he exited the pits, making a tough situation for any driver in a car like a Lamera, which tends to struggle with balance on cold tyres.

Race control has announced an investigation between Car 223 and the Porsche Car 965 of MDM Ireckonu, indicating the situation involved both drivers.

Less than 15 minutes after the Code 60, racing resumed with a yellow flag at T4.


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