The 12 Hours of Sepang is a home race for Malaysian team Viper Niza Racing and its three Malaysian drivers. Asian Motorsport spoke to driver and team principal Douglas Khoo about the race and what he thinks might play a pivotal role.

By Steven Walton

The 12 Hours of Sepang is scheduled to start at 10 am local time (2 am GMT) on Saturday.

One of the teams entered this weekend is Malaysia’s Viper Niza Racing.

Team principal and driver Douglas Khoo told Asian Motorsport one of the beauties of the 12 Hours of Sepang was being able to race on the team’s home track.

“It’s always nice to race in your own home track and if we get to be on the podium this weekend that will be icing on the cake.”

New car for the 2024 race

Viper Niza Racing is one of several teams returning to this year’s 12-hour after racing in the 2023 edition.

Last year, the team entered an Aston Martin and finished 10th overall after car trouble.

This year, the team has a new car, a Mercedes AMG GT3, which they tested this week.

“It’s a lot easier for a gentleman driver like me, I must say, whereas in the previous car it was a bit of a struggle,” Khoo said when comparing the Mercedes to the Aston Martin.

“I think you need a lot more skill to drive [the Aston]. The AMG is much more compliant,” he said.

The team has an all-Malaysian driver line-up for the 12 Hours of Sepang. Khoo will drive with Dominic Ang and Melvin Moh.

Ang has gone very well in this race in the past. He won it in 2011 and 2012 driving a Mercedes SLS GT3.

Rain ‘might play a pivotal role’

Khoo said the weather “might play a pivotal role” in this weekend’s 12 Hours of Sepang.

“In Malaysia, it’s like clockwork between 2pm and 4pm it will rain,” he said, though he noted it had not rained in the past few days.

“I think quite a number of drivers might not have the experience driving in the rain here and I guess for us, we kind of know where the streams are going to be, where the puddles are going to be, so where to avoid or at least take a different line,” Khoo said.

“Hopefully that will give us a bit of an edge.”

Header image credit: Viper Niza Racing


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