Malaysian driver Hayden Haikal dominated an intense TH Super Eco qualifying session in his #35 Suzuki Swift at Bangsaen Street Circuit, which saw multiple cars encounter incidents on-track.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

V-Are Pro Garage Racing Team x Dyno Dynamics driver Haikal, who was also the fastest in the official practice session earlier today, continued his impressive form. He secured pole position for the TH Super Eco race by a substantial margin of 1.78seconds.

Hayden Haikal, driving a Suzuki Swift, clocked the session-best 2:06.130 laptime on his final lap. The Eco All driver pitted towards the end of the session, confident that his best time would hold up against the competition – which it did.

Ruk Team Nexzter Racing driver Varunchit Wattanathanakun, driving the #89 Toyota Yaris in the ECO C+ class, secured the second spot with a lap time of 2:07.408. Another Eco C+ entry, Taker.Socar Racing’s Visitpong Chada, took third place with a laptime of 02:07.458. This was just 0.050 seconds behind Wattanathanakun, highlighting the intense competition in the rest of the field.

The top three positions overall were taken by three different makes of cars, underscoring the diversity and competitiveness of the class.

Ruk Team Nexter Racing’s Panithan Rakpaibulsombut, driving the #36 Toyota Yaris, finished fourth with a time of 2:07.736, whilst V-Are Pro Garage Racing Team Sunoco’s Phiranat Nuntamanop rounded out the top five with a lap time of 2:08.417 in his #45 Suzuki Swift, trailing the leader by 2.287 seconds.

Multiple cars had incidents during the session. The #25 Honda Brio of Sathapond Veerachure went off at Turn 18, forcing the B-Quick Racing Team driver to use the escape road. Thanapattra Sutthisawang’s #55 Forzon Nexzter Racing Team’s Suzuki Swift crashed into the barriers at that same turn a few laps later, although the driver was able to recover the car without any stoppages.

The session was, however, interrupted by a red flag due to an incident caused by Situnan Pikulkajorn in his Bfin Racing Power Up by Pong’s #99 Honda Brio Amaze. As a result, Pikulkajorn was not allowed to resume the session.

As the qualifying session concluded, the drivers and teams are now focused on fine-tuning their strategies and setups for the race. The tight gaps between the top qualifiers, behind Hayden, promise an exciting and competitive race ahead.

The Super Eco category will have a 12-lap race tomorrow morning at 11:55 local time, where the drivers will battle it out for the top honors. Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for full coverage of the event.

TH Super Eco qualifying results

  1. Hayden Haikal (Suzuki Swift) – 2:06.130
  2. Varunchit Wattanathanakun (Toyota Yaris) – 2:07.408
  3. Visitpong Chada (Honda Brio) – 2:07.458
  4. Panithan Rakpaibulsombut (Toyota Yaris) – 2:07.736
  5. Phiranat Nuntamanop (Suzuki Swift) – 2:08.417
  6. Attapon Kaeoarsa (Honda Brio) – 2:08.490
  7. Vongsapat Ketsiri (Honda Brio Amaze) – 2:08.705
  8. Thanakorn Liewphairatana (Suzuki Swift) – 2:09.214
  9. Pattawee Rassameekrittapas (Honda Brio) – 2:09.809
  10. Akkanit Aupamai (Honda Brio) – 2:09.851
  11. Boontavee Naijit (Honda Brio) – 2:10.031
  12. Sorawich Sommai (Honda Brio Amaze) – 2:10.050
  13. Kavin Vitayatanagorn (Suzuki Swift) – 2:10.658
  14. Hakim Bin Haikal (Honda Brio) – 2:11.588
  15. Sathapond Veerachure (Honda Brio) – 2:12.107
  16. Chase Chakris Parks (Honda Brio) – 2:12.519
  17. Alisa Kunkwaeng (Suzuki Swift) – 2:12.853
  18. Jade Hemvijitraphan (Suzuki Swift) – 2:13.551
  19. Keerati Trinate (Honda Brio) – 2:13.686
  20. Naruenonpath Rathchalesinthon (Honda Brio) – 2:14.359
  21. Winghong Chow (Suzuki Swift) – 2:14.372
  22. Achinapatr Jaroenlapnoparat (Honda Brio) – 2:15.078
  23. Suprachok Phisesnakhonkij (Suzuki Swift) – 2:15.241
  24. Rapatkorn Wongsiri (Honda Brio) – 2:15.951
  25. Sitanun Pikulkajorn (Honda Brio Amaze) – 2:17.504 (Caused red flag, not allowed to resume session)
  26. Sirikran Chanpenpasan (Honda Brio) – 2:17.935
  27. Tanatpong Chaioranwong (Honda Brio) – 2:18.463
  28. Yot Boonchu (Honda Brio) – 2:18.499
  29. Kitstiphat Phuttarattanon (Honda Brio) – 2:19.664
  30. Tianhao Du (Suzuki Swift) – 2:41.079
  31. Thanapattra Sutthisawang (Suzuki Swift) – 2:45.899
  32. Anaqii Bin Mohamad Hafifi (Honda Brio) – Not Started
  33. Andrey Abaluev (Honda Brio) – Not Started
  34. Phureepat Leelahanan (Toyota Yaris) – Not Started

Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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