Round 5 of the Gulf ProCar Championship saw the grid return to the Yas Marina Circuit’s GP configuration.


Greystone GT, led by Ryan Jurgensen, entered two McLaren Artura GT4 cars for Mark Hopton and Mark Kempster, showcasing commitment to the regional championship.

Dragon Racing dominated Class 2 with a three-car entry featuring two Ferrari 488 Challenge Evo and a Porsche 992 Cup driven by Jan Sandmann, Mamoun Alkabbani, and Guru Balasubramanian.


Guru claimed pole position and secured a double victory despite strong competition from Jan Sandmann and Mamoun in Class 2.


Mamoun kept both races clean, gaining valuable experience in his debut in Gulf ProCar.

In Class 3, notable absences included Keith Gatehouse and Vasily Vladykin, but three McLarens added excitement, with Mark Hopton topping the timing sheets during free practice.


Unfortunately, both new McLaren entries had to withdraw due to testing incidents, leaving Greystone GT with one entry driven by Ryan Jurgensen.


Class 4 was dominated by Aiman Sadat, who secured two first-place finishes, while Ahmed Al Khaja focused on finishing races to accumulate points for the championship.


Avik finished third in race 1 but was excluded due to a technical infringement, allowed to start race 2 after adjustments, and battled with Aiman and Ahmed.

Krishna Redy Pasil, the sole Honda entrant in a Toyota-dominated class, fought off illness and aimed to gain as much track time as possible.


Class 2 official results:

Qualifying Results:

P1 – Gurunath Balasubramanian (Dragon Racing) – 1:57.361

P2 – Jan Sandmann (Dragon Racing) – 1:57.656

P3 – Mamoun Alkabbani (Dragon Racing) – 1:59.153


Race 1 Results:

P1 – Gurunath Balasubramanian (Dragon Racing)

P2 – Jan Sandmann (Dragon Racing) – +1.423

P3 – Mamoun Alkabbani (Dragon Racing) – +53.755


Race 2 Results:

P1 – Gurunath Balasubramanian (Dragon Racing)

P2 – Jan Sandmann (Dragon Racing) – +0.326

P3 – Mamoun Alkabbani (Dragon Racing) – +12.019


Round 6 of the championship will take place on the GP layout of the Dubai Autodrome on the 2nd of March, 2024.


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