The GTC race at the Bangsaen Grand Prix delivered a spectacular show for motorsport fans, with cooler conditions offering a reprieve from the intense heat of the earlier qualifying session.

By the Asian Motorsport Team

The race, held on the challenging street circuit, saw fierce competition, strategic maneuvers, and notable performances, particularly from the Thai drivers who dominated the podium.

Siramedt Thungsuteeranonkul in car 11 had a fantastic start, taking an early lead from Manat Kulapalanont in car 37. By the end of the first lap, Thungsuteeranonkul had already established a 2-second gap, which he extended to 5.3 seconds after the second lap. His performance was unmatched throughout the race, consistently lapping 2 seconds quicker than his closest rival. This relentless pace saw his lead stretch to just over 10 seconds by lap 5, with four laps remaining.

The battle for the podium spots was intense. On lap 1, Cem Yudulmaz in car 35 was aggressively challenging Akkarapong Akkaneenirot in car 38 at turn 8, setting the stage for an exciting race. Meanwhile, Damien Hamilton in car 88 was putting pressure on the other Ford Mustang in the field. By lap 4, Hamilton had closed in and successfully overtook his rival on the front straight at the end of the lap.

As the race progressed, the drama escalated. On the penultimate lap, it was announced that Thungsuteeranonkul in car 11 needed to report to the Race Director after the session. In the closing stages, the battle between teammates Akkaneenirot and Kulapalanont heated up. Akkaneenirot closed the gap to less than a second as they started the final lap, eventually crossing the line just 0.2 seconds apart, securing third place with an impressive finish.

The final standings saw Thungsuteeranonkul secure a well-deserved victory, followed by Kulapalanont in second, and Akkaneenirot in third. Other notable performances included Yudulmaz in fifth and Manuel Rafael Caceres in sixth, both demonstrating strong driving skills in their respective vehicles.

Thailand Super Series GTC race results

  1. Siramedt Thungsuteeranonkul (THA) – Ford RR Daytona GT Coupe – 9 laps – 1:44.317
  2. Manat Kulapalanont (THA) – Toyota Supra 8AR – 9 laps – 1:47.552
  3. Akkarapong Akkaneenirot (THA) – Toyota Supra 3S – 9 laps – 1:46.480
  4. Damien Hamilton (THA) – Ford Mustang TA2 6.2L – 9 laps – 1:48.891
  5. Cem Yudulmaz (TUR) – Ford Mustang – 9 laps – 1:50.526
  6. Manuel Rafael Caceres (PHI) – Nissan GTR R35 – 9 laps – 1:55.698
  7. Manasseh Manuel Caceres (PHI) – Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo – 9 laps – 2:03.409

The Bangsaen Grand Prix once again proved to be a thrilling event, showcasing the talent and competitive spirit of Asian motorsport. For more detailed coverage and updates on upcoming races, visit Asian Motorsport.

Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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