Taylor Barnard of PHM AIX Racing claimed his third victory this season after overcoming previous engine problems. Barnard clinched victory in the first race of the third round of the Formula Regional Middle East Championship at Dubai Autodrome.


Barnard, starting from the pole position, faced an early challenge from R-ace GP driver and championship leader Tuukka Taponen, who briefly surged alongside but eventually settled for second place after a tight squeeze at turn two.


Mumbai Falcons’ Rafael Camara initially secured P3, and fought with Pinnacle Motorsport’s Mari Boya for his position. Despite briefly losing ground to Boya, Camara reclaimed the third position, setting the stage for a captivating mid-race battle.

Barnard and Taponen put on a real show of driving skill as the duo fought hard for victory. Taponen attempted an overtaking manoeuvre on lap 11. Despite the fierce challenge, Barnard showcased remarkable composure, holding on to secure victory with a 0.521-second lead.


Camara, finishing in a relatively lonely third place, demonstrated consistency, while Boya successfully fended off R-ace GP’s Martinius Stenshorne to secure a commendable fourth position.


The midfield battles added an extra layer of excitement. Mumbai Falcons’ Ugo Ugochukwu, MP Motorsport’s Nikhil Bohra, and PHM AIX’s Brando Badoer engaged in a thrilling skirmish for more championship points. Drops of rain added an unpredictable element to the race dynamics.

Bohra initially held onto the sixth position but faced challenges from Ugochukwu and Badoer on lap 10. Badoer executed a well-timed pass at the end of the back straight, reshuffling the order.


PHM AIX’s Tasanapol Inthraphuvasak, Mumbai Falcons’ teammates James Wharton and Arvid Lindblad, Sainteloc Racing’s Theophile Nael, and XCEL’s Noah Lisle were embroiled in on-track incidents. Wharton retired after encountering trouble, while Lindblad and Lisle collided in their pursuit of positions. This allowed Bohra to regain positions ahead of Nael.


As the race concluded, R-ace GP’s Zachary David, Evans GP’s Costa Toparis, and MP Motorsport’s Bruno del Pino secured their positions ahead of the Lisle and Lindblad incident. Bohra crossed the line back ahead of Nael, securing a ninth-place finish.

Taylor Barnard’s triumph showcased not just racing prowess but resilience in overcoming technical challenges. The Formula Regional Middle East weekend’s opening race sets an exciting tone for the upcoming contests, promising more wheel-to-wheel action and unpredictable moments on the Dubai Autodrome circuit.


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