After two thrilling rounds, the 2024 Formula Regional Japanese Championship will head to the Okayama International Circuit for the third round of the season. Asian Motorsport previews the weekend before the racing gets underway.

By Marco Albertini

The second round of the championship at Sugo saw Sutekina Racing Team’s Fuma Horio win both races as Birth Racing Project’s Michael Sauter took the lead in the championship from Jiei Okuzumi.

Sauter, in his first full year in the championship, is coming off two seasons of Formula 4 racing in Europe as a privateer and has already won two races this season, both of these at the opening round at Suzuka, and has scored a podium in all but one races this season.

Jiei Okuzumi sits second in the championship despite only competing in the first round of the season, winning the first race at Suzuka and finishing no lower than second in the other two races.

Sebastian Manson of New Zealand currently sits third in the championship, with two podiums and a pole to his name, the latter of which coming at the second race at Sugo.

The aforementioned Horio is currently fourth in the championship and will compete at Okayama, hoping to continue his dominant form shown at Sugo.

Yoshiaki Nakamura – driving for TOM’S Formula stands fifth in the standings – with a podium to his name at the first race at Suzuka.

In the masters class, “Yugo” – who was the only representative of the class at Sugo – won both races to take a comfortable lead over “Motoki” (Motoki Takami).

Driver changes

Bionic Jack Racing’s Alfie Briggs, who raced at the Sugo round, will not compete in Okayama and GT World Challenge Asia race winner Yorikatsu Tsujiko will return to championship after forgoing the previous round.

Where to watch

Formula Regional Japan are free to watch on the official Formula Regional Japanese channel (in Japanese) and Parc Fermé TV (in Italian). All races will be streamed live.

Weekend schedule

Qualifying 1 – 9:10 UTC+9 June 29th
Qualifying 2 – 9:35+9 June 29th
Race 1 – 13:00 UTC+9 June 29th

Race 2 – 9:15 UTC+9 June 30th
Race 3 – 13:35 UTC+9 June 30th

Formula Regional Japan overall drivers’ championship

  1. Michael Sauter (Birth Racing Project) – 83
  2. Jiei Okuzumi (Sutekina Racing Team) – 61
  3. Sebastian Manson (Birth Racing Project) – 53
  4. Fuma Horio (Sutekina Racing Team) – 50
  5. Yoshiaki Nakamura (TOM’S Formula) – 44
  6. Jesse Lacey (Bionic Jack Racing) – 44
  7. Anna Inotsume (HELM Motorsports) – 30
  8. “Motoki” (Rn-sports) – 26
  9. Kizuku Hirota (Bionic Jack Racing) – 25
  10. Alfie Briggs (Bionic Jack Racing) – 24
  11. “Akita” (Abbey Racing) – 16
  12. Wang Zhongwei (Sky Motorsports) – 14
  13. Yorikatsu Tsujiko (PONOS Racing) – 14
  14. “Yugo” (N-SPEED) – 13
  15. Juancho Brobio (Eagle Sports) – 2

Formula Regional Japan masters’ championship

  1. “Yugo” (N-Speed) – 89
  2. “Motoki” (Rn-sports) – 68
  3. “Akita” (Abbey Racing) – 52
  4. Yorikatsu Tsujiko (PONOS Racing) – 51

Formula Regional Japan teams’ championship

  1. Sutekina Racing Team – 111
  2. Birth Racing Project – 86
  3. Bionic Jack Racing – 57
  4. TOM’S Formula – 44
  5. HELM Motorsports – 30
  6. Rn-sports – 26
  7. Abbey Racing – 16
  8. Sky Motorsports – 14
  9. PONOS Racing – 14
  10. N-Speed – 13
  11. Eagle Sports – 2

Header image credit: Formula Regional Japanese Championship


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