Florian Latorre won Sunday’s safety-car affected Porshe Carrera Cup Asia race at the 3.74-kilometre long Bangsaen Street Circuit.

By Nida Anis

Latorre, who started from pole, finished 0.936s kilometres ahead of his closest rival, New Zealaner Chris van der Drift. Third-placed Martin Ragginger finished a further 0.442s behind. The top five drivers were separated by just 2.649s, highlighting the the competitiveness of the field.

The race was interrupted by multiple safety cars. Adrian D. Silva in the #61 Porsche crashed on Lap 4 in Sector 3, prompting the safety car to be deployed with 20 minutes remaining. Following the restart, Nazim Azman crashed his #17 Porsche into the barriers, triggering another safety car.

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia race two results

  1. Florian Latorre (Team Jebsen, Porsche) – 26:02.111
  2. Chris Van Der Drift (TORO Racing, Porsche) – 0.936s
  3. Martin Ragginger (Porsche Holding, Porsche) – 1.378s
  4. Rodrigo Dias Almeida (R&B Racing, Porsche) – 1.568s
  5. Bao Jinlong (Phantom Global Racing, Porsche) – 2.649s
  6. Marco Giltrap (Team Porsche New Zealand, Porsche) – 3.588s
  7. Dylan Yip (Team Luanzhou Intl. Circuit, Porsche) – 4.577s
  8. Zhang Yaqi (Phantom Global Racing, Porsche) – 4.894s
  9. Munkong Sathienthirakul (EBM Giga Racing, Porsche) – 5.587s
  10. Liu Kai Shun (R&B Racing, Porsche) – 7.697s

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Pro top five

  1. Florian Latorre (Team Jebsen) – 26:02.111
  2. Chris Van Der Drift (TORO Racing) – 0.936s
  3. Martin Ragginger (Porsche Holding) – 1.378s
  4. Rodrigo Dias Almeida (R&B Racing) – 1.568s
  5. Marco Giltrap (Team Porsche New Zealand) – 3.588s

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Pro-Am top five

  1. Bao Jinlong (Phantom Global Racing) – 26:04.760
  2. Zhang Yaqi (Phantom Global Racing) – 2.245s
  3. Liu Kai Shun (R&B Racing) – 5.048s
  4. Li Xuanyu (Z.SPEED Motorsport) – 7.774s
  5. Li Chao (Team Betterlife) – 8.911s

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Am top five

  1. Munkong Sathienthirakul (EBM Giga Racing) – 26:07.698
  2. Henry Kwong (Triple Ace Racing) – 3.039s
  3. Cao Qikuan (Phantom Global Racing) – 4.308s
  4. John Shen (Modena Motorsports) – 8.231s
  5. Eric Kwong (Bergwerk Motorsport) – 8.708s

Header photo credit: Mac


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