The FIA and Natsional’naya Federatsiya Avtosporta I Kartinga Respubliki Uzbekistan (NAKFU) have launched an Uzbek esports programme at the 2024 FIA Conference in Samarkand.

By Nida Anis

Students from eight different universities took part in a youth engagement programme that immersed them in the work of the FIA, its member clubs, and the wider motorsport industry.

The session ended with the announcement of the Uzbek Esports Programme, which will take place over the next fortnight. Organised by NAKFU, it will take place on the iRacing platform and is open to everyone in Uzbekistan.

Competitors who sign up with NAKFU to take part will receive a significantly discounted iRacing download code to enable them to get online and set their time.

The Uzbek Esports Programme will be contested on the Oulton Park International layout, with a fixed setup to ensure that only driver skill will make the difference in lap time.

With esports proving to be a popular entry point for young people in motorsport, the FIA and NAKFU’s new programme aims to maximise the impact of this year’s conference in Samarkand.

The Uzbek Esports Programme is part of a wider engagement strategy being deployed by over 70 National Sporting Authorities (ASNs) who are currently distributing discounted iRacing codes and providing esports training.

These initiatives form part of the FIA’s mission to double motorsport participation around the world.

Header photo credit: FIA


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