Nikita Bedrin secures his fourth win after a hard-fought battle to maintain his lead from start to finish.


PHM AIX’s Bedrin was fast off the line, switching over to the other side of the track in an attempt to close off Yas Heat’s Al Azhari, who got an equally good start. Al Azhari saw the move coming, driving down the middle of the main straight to avoid the back of Bedrin’s car.


HITECH’s Deagen Fairclough got a sensational start, going three-wide into T1 with Mumbai Falcons teammates Kean Nakamura-Berta and Freddie Slater, besting both drivers and moving up to P3 from P5.

An incident between Xcel teammates Chester Kieffer and Alvise Rodella at Turn 1 saw Rodella spin out. Rodella was forced to retire his car, having broken his front wing and front suspension. Kieffer was able to wheel his broken car back to the pits, where he retired from the race.


R-ace GP’s Enzo Yeh also picked up damage on the opening lap, bringing his car back to the pits before retiring. Xcel Motorsport’s bad luck continued when Liu Kai Shun spun on the opening lap, sending him to the back of the grid.


PREMA’s Doriane Pin suffered from damage on the opening lap, forcing her to pit for a new front wing and tyres, ultimately dropping Pin from P10 to P20.


The above incidents saw an early safety car for two laps.


Bedrin got a good restart, but Al Azhari followed closely behind, closing in on Bedrin with each corner. Al Azhari tried a move around the outside, but Bedrin closed the door before running wide. Al Azhari wasn’t able to capitalise on Bedrin’s mistake, attempting another move before going wide and cutting the corner. Al Azhari gave the position back and was able to avoid a penalty.

Behind them, Al Dhaheri tried to go around the outside of Fairclough on Turn 1 but was unable to make it work, having to temporarily settle for P4.


HITECH’s Reza Seewooruthun was forced to retire his car due to damage, potentially carried over from his incident the day before.


An incident involving Sainteloc Racing’s Matteo Quintarelli and PHM AIX teammates Kamal Mrad and Maksimilian Popov brought the safety car out. The incident saw all three drivers going off the track. Both PHM AIX cars were able to rejoin the track and pit for new front wings, but Quintarelli’s damage proved to be race-ending.


The race got underway once again after two safety car laps, with Bedrin desperate to get a good restart ahead of Al Azhari.


In the battle for third, Nakamura-Berta used the restart to close in on Fairclough, heading into the next turn side-by-side. Al Dhaheri capitalised on the battle ahead, joining in as the three drivers tussled for the podium position. Despite the battles, the drivers were all able to maintain their original positions.

As the race progressed, Slater joined the battle, taking advantage of the three drivers squabbling for third ahead. Slater pulled off a move on Al Dhaheri around the outside, putting him up to P5. Al Dhaheri lost his wing in the battles, bringing his race to an end after a stellar performance.


Nakamura-Berta finally found the opportunity he needed to make it past Fairclough, leaving Fairclough to the hungry Slater in fifth.


Cu Yuanpu spun out with only two laps to go, sending him to the back of the pack.


In a dramatic final lap, Xcel’s Tiago Rodrigues tried a move down the inside of Fairclough, trying to find a gap that didn’t exist. The incident saw Rodrigues ride up the front nose of Fairclough, taking them both out of the race.


R-ace GP’s Raphael Narac spun on the final corner of the final lap.


Both incidents brought the safety car out, ruining Al Azhari’s chances of victory and allowing Bedrin to claim victory under a safety car finish.


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