Rashid Al Dhaheri celebrated his first F4 UAE win in an action-packed race at Yas Marina Circuit, marked by unpredictable weather and intense on-track battles.


At the race start, PREMA’s Al Dhaheri, starting from pole alongside Mumbai Falcons’ Kean Nakamura-Berta, maintained his position at the front while Nakamura slipped to fourth amid challenging rain conditions, compounded by PHM AIX driver Maximilian Popov’s spin.


Early in the race, safety car deployment followed Sainteloc Racing’s Raphael Narac’s spin and collision, coinciding with R-ace GP driver Enzo Deligny’s excursion off-track. Pinnacle Motorsport’s Hiyu Yamakoshi suffered from a suspected fractured wrist and was forced to retire in his first race weekend.

A red flag waved on lap two due to the weather conditions and gave drivers the opportunity to consider the switch to wets. At the time, the track was wet, but the rain had halted which meant that the racing line would dry shortly after the green flag.


HITECH’s Gabriel Stilp showcased remarkable progress from P11 to P5 as racing resumed behind the safety car. Some drivers, like Mumbai Falcons teammates Alex Powell and Freddie Slater, opted for wet tyres, aiming to gain an advantage.


Green flag racing resumed on lap four, with slick tyres initially proving advantageous. Deligny’s attempted overtake resulted in a drop to fifth, while Nakamura-Berta, Stilp, and Deligny engaged in intense battles for position.

Various incidents occurred, including spins by Yas Heat’s Zack Scoular, HITECH’s Seb Murray, and AGI’s Nicolas Stati. Stilp advanced to second after Nakamura-Berta’s error but faced challenges from HITECH’s Reza Seewooruthun.


Despite the challenges, Yas Heat’s Keanu Al Azhari raced hard, eventually securing second place and narrowing Al Dhaheri’s lead. Deligny maintained third despite pressure from Stilp and Mumbai Falcons’ Dion Gowda.


In the final laps, Stilp, despite front wing damage, fought fiercely for position while R-ace GP’s Luka Sammalisto faced penalties, impacting the final standings. Post-race, Al Azhari’s penalty promoted Deligny to second place.

Sammalisto’s penalty resulted in a drop to 12th place. Noteworthy finishes included PREMA’s Doriane Pin and Xcel Motorsport’s Yuanpu Cui in the last points-paying positions. Powell finished 23rd, while Slater retired from the race.


Al Azhari faced a post-race penalty that reshaped the results, promoting Deligny to second and dropping him to third.


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