Race 3 of the second round of the F4 UAE Championship saw Yas Heat’s Keanu Al Azhari make it double as he secured his second win in a row.


Starting on pole position, Al Azhari comfortably defended his lead from start to finish, staving off PHM AIX’s Nikita Bedrin who attempted a dive down the inside at T1. Bedrin fell short and lost P2 in the process to Mumbai Falcons’ Freddie Slater, who made a move around the outside.


Mumbai Falcons’ Alex Powell, who started in P4, stalled at the beginning of the race, resulting in a safety car.

A later incident saw HITECH’s Sebastian Murray tap the inside of AGI Sport’s Jack Beeton, sending him into a spin and facing backwards on the track. Mumbai Falcons’ Dion Gowda had nowhere to go as he turned in, riding up the nose of Beeton’s car, taking both of them out of the race and bringing out the second safety car of the race on lap 2.


PHM AIX’s Kamal Mrad made contact with XCEL Motorsport’s Alvise Rodella, causing both drivers to head to the pits and retire their cars. Meanwhile, PHM AIX’s Everett Stack was forced to retire due to damage from hitting the barriers.


The number of incidents and cars out on track meant the safety car went on for over 4 laps.

On the restart, Mumbai Falcons’ Kean Nakamura-Berta passed Bedrin for third after Bedrin locked up.


Bedrin continued to find his position under attack, this time from Deagen Fairclough. Fairclough attempted a move at T5 before going side-by-side with Bedrin down the straight, attempting a similar move down the chicane of T6/7. The lack of space meant Fairclough had to cut the corner, taking the position. A safety car on the next lap allowed Fairclough to keep his position.


Further back, an incident with XCEL Motorsport’s Tiago Rodrigues and Pinnacle Motorsport’s Kai Daryanani saw Rodrigues attempt a dangerous move on Daryanani through the chicane. Daryanani was left in a vulnerable position to the cars behind him, causing him to be hit into T9 and spin out. Daryanani began the race in P24, working hard to make up positions to P15 before the incident brought him to the back of the pack.


Shortly after, the safety car came out for a third time due to a collision between Pinnacle Motorsport’s Yuhao Fu and Sainteloc Racing’s Maxi Restrepo. HITECH’s Sebastian Murray also spun out.

The number of incidents resulted in the race finishing under safety car conditions, helping Al Azhari secure his second victory in a row, and moving him up to P2 in the championship standings.


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