Gabriel Stilp of HITECH GP clinched victory in a wet Race 2 at Yas Marina Circuit for the penultimate round of the F4 UAE.


The race unfolded under challenging wet conditions with heavy spray and low grip, prompting the initial four laps to run behind the safety car.


HITECH’s Reza Seewooruthun executed a swift move to overtake Enzo Yeh of R-ace GP for the lead once racing resumed.

Stilp showcased remarkable skill, advancing from sixth to fourth by overtaking Sainteloc Racing’s Matteo Quintarelli and R-ace GP’s Jules Caranta. He further progressed by passing teammate Seb Murray.


Kean Nakamura Berta of Mumbai Falcons faced misfortune, losing control and retiring due to a puncture on lap nine after several on-track battles.

Stilp demonstrated dominance, overtaking Yeh and Seewooruthun to secure the lead and extending it to almost five seconds in the final minutes.


The race witnessed last-lap drama as Yevan David of Sainteloc collided with Dion Gowda of Mumbai Falcons, altering the race dynamics.

Title contenders Keanu Al Azhari of Yas Heat and Freddie Slater from Mumbai Falcons struggled, starting from the back due to a previous crash. Both finished outside the points, with Al Azhari in 12th and Slater in 14th, impacting their championship standings.


The final podium concluded with Stilp in P1 for the first time, followed by Seewooruthun then Yeh.


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