Alex Powell of Mumbai Falcons secured his maiden victory in Round 3 of the F4 UAE. Powell started from third in the reverse-grid race.


The initial spotlight was on XCEL Motorsport’s Alvise Rodella, perched on the reverse-grid pole. However, a stalled start dashed his hopes, opening the door for HITECH’s Gabriel Stilp to mount a challenge against R-ace GP’s Enzo Deligny for the lead.


Stilp and Deligny fought hard, but minor contact resulted in Deligny going off track with a puncture. Powell seized the opportunity, capturing the lead of the race, which he would maintain till the finish.

Yas Heat’s Keanu Al Azhari pulled off a bold double-overtake on Stilp and Rodrigues, securing P2.


Meanwhile, Jack Beeton of AGI Sport fought fiercely for third, eventually passing Stilp, who found himself losing positions to Mumbai Falcons’ Freddie Slater and PREMA’s Doriane Pin.


Stilp’s brave effort met a bitter end as a dislodged front wing caused chaos, leading to a safety car deployment. Powell, Al Azhari, and Beeton were all able to maintain their positions at the safety car restart.

The closing stages of the race witnessed intense battles and positional shuffles. Rodrigues and Slater had a kerb-related incident, impacting their positions. PHM AIX’s Nikita Bedrin held off challenges from Mumbai Falcons’ Kean Nakamura-Berta, securing sixth place.


PREMA’s Rashid Al Dhaheri finished eighth, followed by R-ace GP teammates Luka Sammalisto and Enzo Yeh in P0 and P10.


As the checkered flag waved, Powell, Al Azhari, and Beeton emerged triumphant, having pulled clear of the competition in the later stages of the race. Powell’s stellar performance not only marked his first Formula 4 UAE victory but also showcased his skill and determination on the Dubai Autodrome circuit.


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