Enzo Deligny emerged victorious in Race 2 of the final round of the 2024 F4 UAE Championship. Starting in second position, Deligny passed his R-ace GP teammate on the opening lap to seize the lead, which he upheld until the checkered flag.


R-ace GP’s Enzo Yeh encountered a setback as he stalled on the grid before the formation lap. Despite managing to restart his car, he was relegated to the back of the grid, losing his original fourth position.


Luka Sammalisto, driving for R-ace GP, experienced a decline from pole position to fourth before Yas Heat’s Keanu Al Azhari overtook him on lap 3, pushing him further down to fifth place.

Xcel Motorsport’s Alvise Rodella was involved in an incident that caused him to drop to 32nd place on the grid.


Rodella’s Xcel teammate Tiago Rodrigues made contact with PHM AIX’s Gabriel Stilp, resulting in Stilp briefly becoming airborne and veering off the track. Stilp rejoined the race in 32nd place before heading to the pits for his HITECH crew to inspect his car for damage. Ultimately, the team opted to retire the car, pending further investigation into the incident.


Al Azhari closed in on HITECH’s Deagen Fairclough as his tyres deteriorated. Al Azhari aimed to maximise his points in this race, especially with Mumbai Falcons’ Freddie Slater starting Race 3—the championship decider—ahead of him.

Slater executed a successful overtake on Sammalisto, climbing to fifth place.


Al Azhari challenged Fairclough for the final podium position, ultimately running him off the road before both drivers went wide. The two engaged in a heated battle, racing side by side down the main straight. Fairclough, with the inside line into Turn 1, managed to force Al Azhari off the track.


Slater capitalised on the intense duel between the two leaders, closing in behind them and attempting an outside manoeuvre on Al Azhari. The two drivers raced side by side down the straight, with Slater crossing the finish line a mere 0.023 seconds ahead of Al Azhari.

The final podium celebrated Deligny’s inaugural victory, with Tomass Stolcermanis securing second place, also marking his first podium appearance. Fairclough successfully defended his position against Al Azhari and Slater, claiming third place.


Race 3 promises a showdown among Slater, Al Azhari, and Nakamura Berta for the championship title.


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