Former Formula One driver Daniil Kvyat is on the brink of an exhilarating return to single-seater racing. The Russian driver is set to participate in the traditional ‘rookie test’ of the renowned Super Formula with the Honda-powered Nakajima Racing team on December 6-8.

Kvyat, known for his tenure with Red Bull and AlphaTauri in Formula One, has been absent from single-seater racing since his final Formula One season in 2020. However, earlier this year, he ventured into the realm of electric racing by testing a Formula E car for the NIO squad in Berlin.

Now, Kvyat has been presented with a golden opportunity to immerse himself in the competitive world of Super Formula. Famed for its high-speed action and a roster of exceptionally skilled drivers, Super Formula provides Kvyat with a fresh challenge to showcase his racing acumen.

The ‘rookie test’ offers Kvyat a platform for redemption, considering his hiatus after parting ways with Red Bull’s junior team, AlphaTauri, in 2020. This chance could potentially mark his return to the upper echelons of motorsport.

For Kvyat, success in the ‘rookie test’ could reignite his racing career, attracting the attention of teams scouting for experienced drivers capable of providing valuable insights and skills. With his Formula One background and inherent talent, Kvyat presents an enticing prospect for Super Formula teams.

To seize this opportunity, Kvyat must diligently prepare for the Super Formula test. Although he is familiar with high-performance single-seaters, adapting to the unique intricacies of Super Formula machinery and fine-tuning his driving style will be crucial. Additionally, assessing his physical fitness is imperative to endure the demanding nature of the sport.

If all goes well, this Super Formula test could mark the beginning of a new chapter in Daniil Kvyat’s racing journey. Whether it leads to a permanent seat in the series or attracts the attention of other racing teams, this opportunity holds the promise of a triumphant return to competitive single-seater racing.

Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for updates on this exciting chapter in Daniil Kvyat’s racing career.


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