This weekend, the Ningbo International Circuit will host the highly anticipated Round 3 of the Chinese Formula 4 Championship. With 22 drivers set to compete, the stage is set for thrilling battles and intense competition.

Teams and Drivers

TeamDriver 1Driver 2
Black Blade RacingLiu Kai ShunFu Yuhao
Venom MotorsportOscar PedersenWang Yuzhe
Pingtan Raxing by BlackjackJiang FukangHoang Dat Sawer (Alex Sawer)
Team KRCJia ZhanbinZeng Zilun
Black Blade GPZhang Jun
Champ MotorsportWang Yi
Pointer RacingWu ChenjieShi Ke
Pingtan Raxing by ARTLu YeLin Li Ching
Champ Pro RacingLaw Andy
Wolf 51 GT3 COMLi Jia
Venom Pole MotorsportYang Peng
Kai Fei MotorsportTsang Wai YipChung Wing Keung Kenny
Henmax MotorsportWong Wai Fu JamesHon Yin Fu

Championship Standings

The current championship standings heading into Ningbo are as follows:

  1. Oscar Pedersen (Venom Motorsport) – 110 points
  2. Jiang Fukang (Pingtan Raxing by Blackjack) – 101 points
  3. Liu Kai Shun (Black Blade Racing) – 100 points
  4. Huang Xizheng – 69 points
  5. Jia Zhanbin (Team KRC) – 40 points
  6. Wang Yuzhe (Venom Motorsport) – 36 points
  7. Alex Sawer (Pingtan Raxing by Blackjack) – 35 points
  8. Liu Ruiqi – 25 points
  9. Jing Zefeng – 20 points
  10. Wang Yi (Champ Motorsport) – 20 points

A significant highlight of this weekend’s race is the return of Alex Sawer. Sawer made headlines by winning the first round at the Shanghai Grand Prix and has been honing his skills in Europe, competing in the Formula Regional European Championship. His return to Chinese F4 is eagerly awaited by fans and competitors alike.

Testing and weather conditions

Testing sessions during the week have been held in wet conditions, providing an additional layer of challenge for teams and drivers as they prepare for the races. These conditions have added complexity to car setups and driver strategies.

The weather forecast for the weekend predicts mixed conditions, which could play a pivotal role in the race outcomes. Teams will need to remain flexible and adapt to the changing conditions to maximize their performance.

The Ningbo round of the Chinese Formula 4 Championship promises to be an exciting and unpredictable event. With a competitive field of 22 drivers and the return of a notable talent like Alex Sawer, fans can expect a weekend of high-octane racing and strategic battles. Stay tuned for what promises to be an unforgettable round at the Ningbo International Circuit.

For those with WeChat, live timing can be followed here: 小程序://MYRACING/rjBr4uE98wv5bVd


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