Asian Motorsport reviews the action from all three races of the fourth round of the 2024 Euroformula Open season at the Hungaroring.

By Marco Albertini

Maiden pole and third consecutive podium for Shin on Saturday

Race one of the fourth round of the Euroformula Open Championship was held at 16:10 local time.

Michael Shin started on pole and quickly squeezed teammate Brad Benavides on the inside in an attempting to maintain the lead. However, the American driver would get past Shin at the first corner. Shin was then soon attacked by Rookie Championship leader Fernando Barrichello, but was able to hold off the Brazilian going up the hill into turn four.

As teammate Benavides ahead won the race, Shin held on to second place to take his third consecutive podium of the season so far.

Race one results

  1. Brad Benavides (USA) – Motopark
  2. Michael Shin (KOR) – Motopark +06.381
  3. Levente Revesz (HUN) – Motopark +08.940
  4. Fernando Barrichello (BRA) – Motopark +19.152
  5. Jakob Bergmeister (FRA) – Motopark +019.550
  6. Francesco Simonazzi (ITA) – BVM Racing +1 lap

Shin avoids trouble to take fourth in race two

Race two of the weekend was held at 11:00 local time.

Michael Shin started fifth in the reverse grid race, but would go deep at the first corner, allowing Bras Benavides past.

However, at the second corner, an accident between Levente Revesz and Fernando Barrichello allowed Shin to jump up to fourth. The South Korean driver closed in on Benavides, but would ultimately go onto to maintain his position and finish fourth after what proved to be a quiet race.

Race two results

  1. Francesco Simonazzi (ITA) – BVM Racing
  2. Jakob Bergmeister (DEU) – Motopark +12.568
  3. Brad Benavides (USA) – Motopark +13.552
  4. Michael Shin (KOR) – Motopark +14.680
  5. Fernando Barrichello (BRA) – Motopark +1 lap
  6. Levente Revesz (HUN) – Motopark +4 laps

Shin completes trifecta of top five finishes in race three

The final race of the weekend was held at 17:45 local time.

Michael Shin lined up sixth in the reverse grid race and had a good start, managing to go side-by-side with Fernando Barrichello as they went into the first corner. However, the Brazilian driver held off the South Korean in the opening set of corners.

Up ahead, Levente Revesz and Jakob Bergmeister collided, leaving the German with a flat tire and the Hungarian with a broken front wing, promoting Shin to fourth position by the end of the first lap.

Throughout the race, the battle for third between Barrichello and Shin intensified as both drivers were putting similar lap times, always keeping a relatively close gap between each other. Ultimately, Shin was unable to catch Barrichello and went on to again finish in fourth.

Race three results

  1. Francesco Simonazzi (ITA) – BVM Racing
  2. Brad Benavides (USA) – Motopark +13.716
  3. Fernando Barrichello (BRA) – Motopark +19.244
  4. Michael Shin (KOR) – Motopark +20.550
  5. Levente Revesz (HUN) – Motopark +1 lap
  6. Jakob Bergmeister (DEU) – Motopark +1 lap

Header image credit: Euroformula Open


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