The Toyota Hilux Revo OMR kicked off their first race of the event, delivering intense action at the Bang Saen circuit. Prapoj Chuenwichit clinched a hard-fought victory with a dramatic finish, while Arunpong Sririt followed closely in second place.

By Nida Anis

Despite the cooler conditions compared to the previous day, the race track was in excellent shape, setting the stage for an exciting battle among the competitors. The #31 and #44 battled fiercely for the lead, while #39 and #71 were locked in a tight contest for 6th and 7th positions.

#31 and #44 battle for the lead

The race began with a close fight between Prapoj Chuenwichit (#31) and Arunpong Sririt (#44). The gap between the two drivers was just 0.868 seconds with two laps to go, indicating a thrilling finish was in store.

Arunpong Sririt (#44) set the fastest lap of the race with a time of 2:15.604 on lap 4. However, the two cars collided, leading to a black and white flag for car #44 due to driving conduct. Prapoj Chuenwichit (#31) responded with a purple middle sector, maintaining his lead.

Rising challenges and dramatic last lap

Following the collision, the 3rd and 4th placed cars started catching up quickly, closing the gap by three and a half seconds on the last lap. Prapoj Chuenwichit (#31) set another purple sector in the last sector, but Thibodin Santhakha (#20) also went purple in the same sector, showcasing a remarkable drive.

On the last lap, the 3rd placed car Mekkaradkeeta Kalantananda (#98) was all over the 2nd placed Arunpong Sririt (#44), but a missed shift almost dropped him to 4th place.

Toyota Hilux Revo OMR race one provisional results

  1. Prapoj Chuenwichit (#31), Toyota Revo, Nexzter GG Racing – 18:16.872
  2. Arunpong Sririt (#44), Toyota Revo, Nexzter Racing Team by Vanguard – 18:18.948, Gap: 2.076s
  3. Mekkaradkeeta Kalantananda (#98), Toyota Revo, Atlander Nexzter Hurricane Mx Racing Team Ruk Service – 18:20.604, Gap: 3.732s
  4. Thibodin Santhakha (#20), Toyota Revo, Neon Creation Nexzter Trane Racing Team – 18:21.537, Gap: 4.665s
  5. Nirut Sutcharit (#19), Toyota Revo – 18:32.167, Gap: 15.295s
  6. Theerapan Phromkham (#39), Toyota Revo, Nexzter Motul S63 BRD Rukservice by PMC52 Motorsport – 18:44.432, Gap: 27.560s
  7. Nutanun Karukos (#71), Toyota Revo, Nexzter Vest Club – 18:44.867, Gap: 27.995s
  8. Pongsatorn Ownon (#49), Toyota Revo, KM Racing – 19:02.331, Gap: 45.459s
  9. Natyakarn Rungpedchararat (#15), Toyota Revo, Nexzter Hyb Motul by TTR – 19:10.184, Gap: 53.312s
  10. Keeranan Punthong (#90), Toyota Revo, รถ ซิ่งไทย แลนด์ – 19:57.152, Gap: 1:40.280

Fastest Lap: 2:15.604 by Arunpong Sririt (#44) on lap 4.

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Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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