As the Gulf Radical Cup gears up for Round 4, we take a look back at the intense competition during Round 3 at Yas Marina Circuit, where a break in December preceded a thrilling return for the Gulf Radical Cup.


Alex Bukhantsov maintains a commanding lead with a 37-point advantage over Usmaan Mughal, setting the stage for an intense battle with 5 rounds remaining.

The allure of track time and the sunny climate continue to attract new teams and drivers to the Gulf Radical Cup.


Round 3 saw the entry of new teams and drivers, with top UK team Valour Racing introducing Jack Yang and Luke Hilton. Ian Ituarte made his debut running with RAW/TTR, adding to the diversity of the grid.


With 6 hours of free practice over Thursday and Friday to familiarise themselves with the Yas North circuit, the competitors dove into Sprint Race Qualifying.


Newcomer Luke Hilton impressed, securing pole by a narrow margin of 0.137 seconds. Track limit infringements led to deleted laps, keeping the top 10 cars within a second.


In the first of two sprint races, Usmaan Mughal seized the lead after a chaotic start, while Luke Hilton faced challenges, dropping positions. A mid-race retirement by Jimmy Chou prompted a safety car deployment with 6 minutes left.

Hilton, despite receiving a post-race penalty, made a late move, initially taking the lead but ending up behind Mughal after penalties reshuffled positions. Alex Bukhantsov’s underweight car led to a disqualification, promoting Fuhrmeister to 3rd.


The second sprint saw Jimmy Chou miss the start due to an engine change, leaving the battle between Bukhantsov and Hilton. The race featured close and intense racing, resulting in a victory for Hilton, followed by Bukhantsov in second, and Ian Ituarte securing his first podium.


Hilton continued his impressive performance, claiming pole in Enduro Race Qualifying.


Hilton continued his dominance in the Enduro race, with Chou and Bukhanstov penalised for their successes in the last race, a fate Hilton was able to avoid by not participating in the previous race. With the pack bunched up, Mughal fought his way up to P2, with Fuhrmeister following behind and Daremas in P4. Late-race drama after the pit stops resulted in a safety car deployment.

Post-race penalties shuffled positions, ultimately awarding Daremas the second spot. Hilton comfortably claimed P1, with Mughal in P3.


The Gulf Radical Cup returns to Yas Marina Circuit on the full GP Circuit this weekend, running alongside the Gulf ProCar and the 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi.


Round 4:

Saturday, 20th:

  • 11:05 Sprint Qualifying
  • 15:40 Race 1
  • 21:05 Race 2

Sunday, 21st:

  • 20:15 Enduro Race

All times are in local time (GMT +04).


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