The 6 Hours of Abu Dhabi was brought to a dramatic halt when the fuel pumps were announced to be out of service, with no fuel left in the pumps.


A Code 60 was deployed to reduce fuel usage whilst the organisers were working to resolve the problem.


The race broadcast showed the fuel pumps being refilled from fuel drums later on, and the fuel pumps became available with 42 minutes left on the clock. Race Control stated at the time that Code 60 would continue for a further 10 minutes. However, this took longer with no further word from race control.

Several drivers struggled with the extended Code 60, going over the enforced speed limit and leading to a potentially huge amount of post-race penalties.


Race control has stated that fuel pumps will remain available till the end of the race due to their earlier failure. Usually, rules state that fuel pumps close in the last 30 minutes of the race.


With 22 minutes of racing left, race control has announced that the Code 60 will come to an end after over 20 minutes of a full-course yellow.


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