Asian Motorsport Hotspots is a new feature by Asian Motorsport, reviewing bars, restaurants, venues, museums, and attractions across Asia that cater to motorsport enthusiasts. Whether you’re a Formula One fan, a MotoGP aficionado, or someone who enjoys the excitement of motorsport, this series will be of interest to you!

By the Asian Motorsport Team

What to expect

Asian Motorsport Hotspots will spotlight different venues in Asia, providing in-depth reviews and highlighting its unique appeal to motorsport fans. Our features will cover a wide range of locations, including:

  • Bars and Restaurants: The best places to watch live motorsport events on big screens, with venues that offer the perfect atmosphere, excellent food, and drinks. These spots are ideal for gathering with fellow fans to enjoy the races.
  • Motorsport Museums: Reviews of museums housing legendary race cars, memorabilia, and exhibits that celebrate the sport’s history and figures.
  • Motorsport-Themed Cafes: Cafes offering a unique blend of dining and motorsport passion, surrounded by racing memorabilia and decor.
  • Attractions and Theme Parks: Details on race tracks where you can experience the speed first-hand, and theme parks with motorsport-inspired rides and attractions.
  • Special Events and Meetups: Information on upcoming events, meet-and-greets, and fan gatherings that bring the motorsport community together.

Why you’ll find it useful

Asian Motorsport Hotspots aims to be your guide for finding the best motorsport experiences in Asia. Our detailed reviews will include:

  • Venue Highlights: Key features that make each location a must-visit for motorsport fans.
  • Atmosphere and Ambience: Insight into the venue’s vibe and décor.
  • Food and Drink Options: Information on menus, specialty dishes, and drinks.
  • Motorsport Coverage: Details on how well the venue supports viewing live events, including screen quality and sound systems.
  • Unique Experiences: Special attractions or events that set the venue apart.
  • Location and Accessibility: Practical details to help you plan your visit.

Launch feature: Stars and Bars Abu Dhabi

Asian Motorsport Hotspots‘ first feature will be Stars and Bars Abu Dhabi. Located on Yas Island, this American-style sports bar is a favorite among motorsport enthusiasts. With its coverage of live Formula One events, vibrant atmosphere, and proximity to the Yas Marina Circuit, Stars and Bars Abu Dhabi is the type of venue we aim to highlight in this series.

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Header photo credit: Stars and Bars Abu Dhabi


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