Alfa Romeo is gearing up to challenge Williams for the seventh position in the Formula 1 world championship. Following a recent improvement in Qatar, where Valtteri Bottas secured eighth place and Zhou Guanyu finished ninth, Alfa Romeo has narrowed the gap to just seven points behind Williams. Zhou Guanyu represents China for Alfa Romeo, while Alex Albon represents Thailand for Williams.

Despite Williams shifting their focus to their 2024 project, Alfa Romeo and AlphaTauri continue to introduce new car parts. Haas plans a significant upgrade package in Austin, intensifying the competition for lower positions in the standings.

Alfa Romeo remains confident in their ability to compete for the seventh position. Team principal Alessandro Alunni Bravi emphasized the importance of flawless performances from both the team and drivers, citing the need to avoid mistakes in the remaining races.

“We are convinced that we can fight for P7 until the end of the season, based on our decision to keep developing the car,” Alunni Bravi stated. “But of course, we need to execute each race weekend a perfect race like Qatar, both from the team side and the driver side.”

The team’s strategic approach involves ongoing car developments tailored for specific tracks. Alunni Bravi highlighted their adaptability, emphasizing the need to optimize the car’s performance for each race.

“There is not only one way to develop the car, it depends also on what you find in the wind tunnel,” said Alunni Bravi. “We decided at the beginning of the year to really push with the development, and we will keep developing the car until the very last race.”

Alfa Romeo is confident about their competitiveness, particularly on tracks requiring higher downforce levels, where their car excels. The team acknowledges the strength of rivals in specific races but remains optimistic about their chances in unpredictable races like Sao Paulo, Abu Dhabi, and the new venue in Las Vegas.

“I think what will be important will be the mindset, the approach of the team and the drivers, what we will find with the new upgrades, and of course, we need to have both drivers driving a solid and flawless race, because each point will count at the end of the season. And we don’t need to make any mistakes on track,” added Alunni Bravi.

Stay tuned to Asian Motorsport for the latest updates on Alfa Romeo’s quest for P7 in the Formula 1 World Championship.


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