In a significant stride towards international motorsport prominence, AF2 Motorsport proudly announces its participation in upcoming racing events in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. With a rich legacy spanning over 30 years, AF2 Motorsport stands as a formidable force in motor racing competitions. The team’s expertise extends beyond racing tracks, encompassing meticulous maintenance and preparation of racing cars, making it a leading name in the industry.

About AF2 Motorsport:

Founded on a bedrock of passion and expertise, AF2 Motorsport boasts more than three decades of experience in the motor racing sector. The team’s diverse portfolio includes active involvement in high-level international and national championships, ranging from single-seaters, GT, Prototypes, and Touring cars, to the challenging terrains of Dakar Rally. With each endeavor, AF2 Motorsport has consistently delivered results that exceed expectations.

Exceptional Racing Legacy:

AF2 Motorsport has left an indelible mark on some of the most prestigious racing events worldwide. Noteworthy participations include:

  • 24 Hours of Spa: Seven impressive appearances at this iconic endurance race, showcasing the team’s endurance and skill.
  • 24 Hours of Dubai: Three triumphant outings at the Dubai Autodrome, underlining AF2 Motorsport’s prowess on international circuits.
  • 24 Hours of the Nürburgring: Two commendable participations in this grueling race, a testament to the team’s resilience and determination.
  • Paris-Dakar Rally: Four daring ventures in the challenging terrains of Dakar, showcasing AF2 Motorsport’s adaptability and expertise beyond conventional circuits.

AF2 Motorsport’s illustrious journey also encompasses renowned championships such as FIA GT1, FIA GT3, Blancpain GT Series, 24 Hours Series, GT4 European, Formula Super VW, and Formula 3 championships, each adding a valuable chapter to the team’s racing legacy.

Opportunity Awaits in Dubai and Abu Dhabi:

As AF2 Motorsport gears up for its Asian entry in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the team is actively seeking skilled drivers. Specifically, AF2 Motorsport is on the lookout for drivers with Bronze or Silver classifications, equipped with substantial LMP3 racing experience and the financial capacity to contribute to this venture.

How to Apply:

Interested drivers meeting the specified criteria are encouraged to submit their comprehensive racing profiles, outlining their achievements and experiences, to the following contact information:

Email: or

Mobile: +34 635.299.444


AF2 Motorsport invites dedicated and skilled drivers to seize this opportunity, become a part of its rich racing legacy, and contribute to the team’s pursuit of excellence on the international motorsport stage. Join AF2 Motorsport in its quest for victory, and let your racing aspirations find a home amidst the thrilling tracks of Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

Additionally, racing enthusiasts can stay tuned to the latest updates from the Asian motorsport scene by visiting Asian Motorsport, where comprehensive coverage of the Asian Le Mans Series and other exciting events awaits.


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