The motorsport scene in Asia is bustling with talents, but few shine as brightly as Malaysia’s own Alister Yoong. Fresh off a season in Europe and back in India to defend a championship title, Asian Motorsport sat down with Yoong to discuss his journey, challenges, and the road ahead.

By Nida Anis

1. Who are you and what are you racing right now?

AY: My name’s Alister Yoong and I’m a Malaysian racing driver. What I’m doing here in India is driving for Godspeed Kochi. It’s the second season of the IRL [Indian Racing League], coming off as defending champions last year as well, which is quite sweet.

2. What else have you been racing over the past year?

AY: It’s been my debut this year in Italy, in Europe, actually! It was a bit of a tough first season, but in the last eight races we haven’t had a finish outside of the top two, so the improvement has been really nice.

3. How have you found racing in Europe compared to racing in Asia?

AY: It’s a very different culture, it was difficult at first to figure out the different ways you can work with people, because I do think you have to adjust for each member of the team to help it work the best. But that was a fun little challenge for me!

Everyone’s got their job, whether that’s Asia or Europe, so it’s good to see across the board that everyone’s positive and works really hard.

4. Has racing in Asia helped you with your experience in Europe?

AY: IRL helped a lot with the track time. The whole reason I could go there was driving these Wolf cars over here, the factory came and pulled me over to Italy from France. In terms of track time, not much testing, but I like learning on the weekend anyway and getting going.

5. Have you got any plans for next year?

AY: That’s a literal million-dollar question! Still doing a lot of coaching in Asia. I just moved out to London, so I’ve also been doing school tours with simulators and trying to find drivers that might need a little bit of help or want to learn more. I’m really in love with the coaching right now. Who knows, I can do tyre manning again for some winter series in January [after having worked as a tyre technician in the 2023 Formula Regional Middle East Championship]!

But ultimately, I want to race. I’m a racer first and foremost. In terms of plans, LMP3 or GT4 are the target right now. A few teams have approached me, it’s just finding the budget as usual.

From the bustling tracks of Asia to the competitive circuits of Europe, Yoong is a driver to watch. Follow his progress in the 2023 Indian Racing League as he attempts to defend his championship title.

Header photo credit: Nida Anis


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