The #26 B-Quik Absolute Racing Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS (Henk K. / Erwin de S.) took overall victory in a curtailed TSS GT4 / GTM race at Bangsaen Street Circuit.

By Nida Anis

The race began under sunny conditions and clear skies with a grid of 15 cars lining up to take the start.

Early in the race, a battle for P6 emerged between PSC Motorsports’ #77 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Evo (Saravut S. / Afiq Y.), Racing Aurora’s #58 Mercedes-Benz AMG GT4 (Peter H. / Hayden H.), and AAS Motorsport’s #18 (Pitsanu S. / Kantadhee K.).

Six minutes in, the leading car, Singha Motorsport Team Thailand’s #25 Ferrari 488 Challenge (Kittipol P. / Supakit J.) extended its advantage to 2.741 seconds. Two minutes later, Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand driver Nattavude C. set the fastest lap with a time of 01:41.369 in his #24 Lexus RCF GTM.

The battle between the #77, #58, and #18 continued, with the #58 flashing its lights in frustration at being held up. Meanwhile, the #25 set an even faster lap at 01:41.026 with 50 minutes remaining. On Lap 6, the #77 experienced a problem coming out of Turn 16, allowing cars #58 and #18 to overtake.

Mid-race battles

At the 37-minute mark, 2W Zoomies’ #95 Toyota GR Supra GT4 (Andrew A. / Kachorn C.), Fire Monkey Motorsport’s #59 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup (Simon C.) and Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand’s #88 Toyota GR Supra GT4 (Suttipong S. / Grant S.) battled coming up to the hairpin.

Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand’s #38 Lexus RCF GTM (Kris V. / Nattapong H.) attempted to pass AAS Motorsport’s #17 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup (Nattachak H. / Kmik K.) on Lap 14, but was unsuccessful. With 34 minutes to go, car #59 encountered lapped traffic on Turns 1 and 2, being held up on process.

Race curtailed after Lap 18 crash

A big crash occurred on Lap 18, with the #88 losing a wheel and catching fire after Turn 17. This led to the deployment of the safety car and the closing of the pitlane not long afterwards. Car #58 came under investigation for entering the pitlane while it was closed and the team manager was summoned to the stewards immediately.

With 18 minutes remaining, the race was red-flagged and not resumed.

The race was won by Henk K. and Erwin de S., who also achieved the biggest improvement in terms of grid positions. After starting from 11th, they ultimately clinched victory despite an incident-filled race.

TSS GT4 / GTM race one overall top ten

  1. Henk K. / Erwin de S. (THA), #26 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS, B-Quik Absolute Racing, 38:08.254 (GT4 Am)
  2. Simon C. (HKG), #10 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, Fire Monkey Motorsport, +2.533 (GTM Am)
  3. Andrew A. / Kachorn C. (THA), #59 Toyota GR Supra GT4, 2W Zoomies, +5.282 (GT4 Am)
  4. Nattavude C. (THA), #24 Lexus RCF GTM, Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand, +9.466 (GTM Am)
  5. Kittipol P. / Supakit J. (THA), #25 Ferrari 488 Challenge, Singha Motorsport Team Thailand, +11.515 (GTM Pro)
  6. Nattachak H. / Kmik K. (THA), #17 Porsche 992 GT3 Cup, AAS Motorsport, +19 laps (GTM Pro)
  7. Peter H. / Hayden H. (AUS/MAS), #36 Mercedes Benz AMG GT4, Racing Aurora, +2.257 (GT4 Pro)
  8. Saravut S. / Afiq Y. (THA/MAS), #77 Lamborghini Super Trofeo Evo, PSC Motorsport, +5.540 (GTM Pro)
  9. Suttipong S. / Grant S. (THA), #19 Toyota GR Supra GT4, Toyota Gazoo Racing Thailand, +7.195 (GT4 Am)
  10. Pitsanu S. / Kantadhee K. (THA), #18 Porsche 718 Cayman GT4 RS Clubsport, AAS Motorsport, +8.017 (GT4 Pro)

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Header photo credit: Mac


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